This is either very stupid or there is a political game being played by the city administration.


SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

October 1st, 2018


The short video mention in this article does not appear in a re-issued version of City Talk.

City Talk logoWith what is proving to be a tight race for the office of Mayor one has to ask why the city would publish its most recent edition of City Talk and feature the Mayor in a video as the lead article.

If there was ever a reason to complain to the Elections Officer – this is it.

Rogers hockey with Mayor

It is a very short video – 38 seconds but it will pull at the heart strings of those dedicated to the healthy city everyone wants.

Someone at city hall is either very stupid or there is a political game being played by the administration.

With most documents issued the final sign off is that of the City Manger.  We understand he is currently out of the country.  He might want to stay out of the country.

We are not providing a link to the article in City Talk – no one should add to the malfeasance.

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7 comments to This is either very stupid or there is a political game being played by the city administration.

  • Jim Young

    James Ridge, city manager, very rightly supports staff who are feeling the stress of indirect involvement in the election.
    But he must realize that issues like this create an atmosphere where suspicion will arise.
    Similar to legal procedings, it is not just bias that must be avoided but any possible perception of bias.
    The only way to avoid any perception lf bias is to withdraw tthe newsletter and apologise to the other three candidates.

  • Allison Thornton

    No surprise. I have had some very disappointing experience with city staff not doing their due diligence and making recommendation reports on development proposals. In one case, I found glaring errors in the City’s report which I was able to spot as a layperson while riding the GO train home to attend a meeting where the report would be discussed. It is hard if you’ve been in the position of a citizen fighting against development in your neighbourhood, not to form the impression that there are at least some members of City staff who are very cozy with the developers and happy to let the developers write the reports with no real vetting. It is also hard not to notice whose signs are sitting on the properties the developers own. I’m sure among those people, the developers and their buddies down at 426 Brant Street, MMW as mayor is an unsettling prospect. She may not “clean house” as another has suggested, but she will make them work harder and frustrate their developer buddies. I’m hoping she gets that chance.

  • Bonnie

    It is interesting to me that new candidates running for city council have been given very strict guidelines as to what is acceptable when campaigning. More than one new candidate has been contacted by the city clerk and given a warning about an alleged minor offence.

    There appear to be different rules for sitting council members seeking to retain their current positions. In my opinion game playing to the fullest extent!

  • C Jester

    Who needs a campaign manager to be re-elected when you have a city administration promoting you? There oughta’ be a law…………oh wait, there is one………..administered by the city administration!

  • Tom Muir

    Councilor Craven has stopped working too, except to get his clone Judy Worsley elected.

    He used to provide regular meetings and information to residents about possible developments in Aldershot or planned neighborhood meetings by developers.

    I guess he has already retired because meetings and such notices no longer emerge from his office.

    I had to find out from a Meed Ward email message that came in today about a proposal in Aldershot on Clearview, that was excluded from such heights, and kept low-rise, in the latest Mobility Hub draft recommendation.

    Another reason to vote MMW and why Craven openly hates her forthright and responsible manner.

    Another challenge to city planning showing how out of control things are.

  • Phllip Wooster

    I think this is a planned and strategic move by the city hall bureaucracy. If Goldring is reelected, they get to keep their jobs and conduct business as usual. But if Meed Ward is elected, she will have little choice but to clean house to change the culture at City Hall. Totally shameful!

  • Hans

    Agreed – the city manager should be replaced. He has failed the “good judgment test” too often to continue.