This is the way it is supposed to work; United Way at the really local level.

September 17, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  At every game you would see him walking through the stands selling 50/50 tickets.  There weren’t a lot of takers but that didn’t matter – week after week Ryan Harrison, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Burlington Bandits did the job – which earlier this week paid off.

The season needed a lot of improvement – but the community spirit is certainly evident.

The Bandits turned over $1062.00 to the Burlington Hamilton United Way 2013 campaign.  The day of the $7 million target for the campaign ArcelorMittal Dofasco announced a really big donation – for which everyone was grateful.

Ryan Harrison, Director of Sales and marketing for the Burlington Bandits in their traditional red sweaters.

But for the United Way to be really successful – the giving has to happen at the small operations – in the places where someone will take on the task of bringing in those small amounts which grow into big amounts when there are enough of them.

Last year Burlington missed its target by $90,000 – and that kind of a shortfall really hurts the organizations that end up getting less than they had budgeted for.  To the Bandits – Good on You for the idea and for the effort.

Last game of the season for the bandits. They made it really exciting in the closing innings.

For those of you who take in a Bandits game next season – they will do better next year; they’re building, when you see Ryan – buy one of those 50/50 tickets.


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