This is your Burlington!

By Staff

May 11th, 2022



This is your Burlington!

Jason Octavo  is doing some election coverage for the Gazette.

He is new to Burlington. He did a short interview at a restaurant and then headed for Spencer Smith Park – he’d never seen the place before.

The size of the open grounds, the Naval memorial and the Pier was not what he expected to see.

The Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom.. The proper name for the trees is – Sakura trees. He took a number of pictures which we are sharing with you.

I wonder if the man who donated the cherry blossom trees ever knew how much they are enjoyed.

In 1989, a twinning agreement was signed between Burlington and Itabashi, Japan the two cities and the relationship has since developed through regular citizen visits, official delegations and anniversary celebrations.

Mayor Goldring recognized Mr. Enomoto, the man who donated the trees many years ago,  for his unwavering spirit of generosity and commented on the long-standing friendship between Burlington and Itabashi.

Every year they blossom for a very short period of time, then the blooms fall away.

When the blossoms are blooming Spencer Smith Park is a destination

This is your Burlington.

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