This scam uses a trusted brand to begin the process of stealing your identity and then your money.

Crime 100By Staff

February 13th, 2018



There are brands that we place huge amounts of trust in.

Interac croppedWhen we see their corporate logo we assume it is a safe place and that the service they provide is rock solid.

Thus it came as a bit of a shock to note that the scam artists were using one of those trusted brands to mislead people and begin the process of stealing their identity and then their money.

Interac scam

The gullible and the greedy might think some luck has come their way. The telephone company is not going to send you money – there is someone behind this kind of email notice who wants to take advantage of you.

The telephone company is not going to be sending you a refund that you had never heard of before.

The internet has made it possible for all kinds of knowledge and ideas to be shared. We can communicate in a way we were never able to communicate before.

The wonderful technology also allows thieves to take advantage of people.
Beware, be cautious, be vigilant.

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