This was something to quibble over Mr. Wallace; and you should have known that, instead you spouted the party line.



BY Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  July 18, 2013.  Our MP, Mile Wallace, was in an environment that suits his personality. Flipping burgers and talking to people for Mike Wallace is a very good one-on-one politician.  He listens, he usually has a smile for you and his sense of humour prevails.

So there he was on the lakeside lawn of the Waterfront Hotel, flipping burgers and doing his political thing.  Later in the day they let him have a microphone to answer questions from his audience – it was a sold out crowd.

There is usually a smile on Mike Wallace’s face. He enjoys life and has a good time. This summer it is his intention to run in a marathon in every province.

During the Q&A Wallace expressed some dissatisfaction with the fact that the current government was not being lauded for the great job that was being done and that instead people were quibbling about minor issues. When asked to comment on what these issues were, he felt that a disproportionate amount of time was being spent on the Senator Duffy matter and not enough time on the big issues both within Canada and internationally.

When I was going over the copy from a correspondent who covered the event for us I had to call and be sure that those words came from Wallace for I was stunned.  He did not appear to have any sense as to the gravity of the Duffy matter that had the Prime Minister’s Chief of staff writing a personal cheque to Senator Duffy so that he could repay expenses he claimed and was not entitled to.

Prior to the public learning where the money came from Mike Duffy was on television telling audiences that he and his wife had decided to do the right thing.

Bruce Anderson, a highly;y regarded political analyst said on a CBC program that “issue is far from over, even if it’s not as prominent right now as the shuffle and even if people aren’t paying as much attention to it right now because it’s summertime. I think that the documents that emerged make it even more difficult to believe that the Prime Minister knew nothing about this, make it easier to come to the conclusion that he seems to have something that he wants to hide. It looks as though they are hanging Nigel Wright (Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff) out to dry, that he’s the only person who dreamt this idea up, the only person who ever really knew about it, the only person who didn’t understand that it was wrong, which doesn’t really square with the fact that there were a few days where people called him honourable for doing this and said that he was going to stay and he had the full confidence of the Prime Minister. So I think the police investigation and the opposition research that’s going on mean that this issue is going to come back with a vengeance in the fall.”

Peter Mansbridge, CBC’s senior television anchor then asked Andrew Coyne, columnist with the National Post what he thought. The payment of $90,000 dollars to a sitting legislator, for whatever purpose,” said Coyne, “ would appear on the face of it to run you at least into jeopardy of several different illegal acts. We know, if these statements made by his lawyers are true, we know that at least three people in the Prime Minister’s Office, plus Irving Gerstein, the head of the fundraising arm, (for the Conservative Party) knew about these potentially illegal acts and apparently did nothing or, certainly in the Prime Minister’s story, didn’t tell the Prime Minister of this. That’s extraordinary. Even if he didn’t know about it, and that’s certainly still possible, but it suggests nevertheless that a tone and an expectation and a set of values were established in the Prime Minister’s Office where you just kind of look the other way at this kind of thing. That’s deeply troubling.”

Mike Wallace, Burlington MP, takes a closer look at art work at the Burlington Art centre.

But for Mike Wallace on a lovely sunny weekday afternoon this was  “quibbling about minor issues” when what he wanted people to do was  laud the government “for the great job that was being done”.

There are people in Burlington who understand the gravity of what was done when Senator Duffy was given $90,000 and perhaps at some point one of those people will stand up and speak some sense to the MP. In the fullness of time and when the RCMP completes their criminal investigation, the public will learn the truth.  Will it make any difference in Burlington?

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3 comments to This was something to quibble over Mr. Wallace; and you should have known that, instead you spouted the party line.

  • Rob Narejko

    Mr. Wallace, Duffygate is a big deal. It goes to the culture of the party. From ALL the appointed senators with a sense of entitlement to the right hand man of the PM.

    Ignorance of the law does not excuse the actions.

    If we can’t trust our government to be open and transparent, 2 pillars upon which the PC’s ran, we do have elections coming up (Oct 19, 2015)

  • Mike

    I think we deserve better from our MP. Mike seems to have no ambition to increase his sphere of influence which could be used to help his constituents. He’s happy being a puppet back bencher with absolutely no personality.

    Aside from the fact that his goal of running a marathon in every province does nothing to help his constituents and take a lot of time away from real issues, who is paying for his trips around the county to do such a thing?

    Mike is a nice guy, but I think we need to trade him in for someone with a little more ambition and free thinking in the next election.

  • Ann Oyed

    It would appear that Mr. Wallace perceives his role as representing the Harper government to the people of Burlington. We would prefer that he represents the interests of his constituents to the government.