Three by 25 storeys to go up at the Brant Ghent intersection. Some town houses as well.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 28th, 2020



The intersection of Brant and Ghent is a bit of a waste land. An empty field on the west side north of Ghent, a parking lot on the east side north of Ghent.

A low two story office building that has seen better days is on the south side Ghent on the corner of Brant.

You could drive by and not know what you had just passed.

That location is in the process of changing.

The Molinaro Group released architectural renderings and announced a date for the now required pre-consultation meetings with the public before an application can be taken to the Planning department.

This is a development that isn’t within what most people see as the “downtown core” – which suggests that it will pass muster with the people that are fighting for what they call the heart and soul of the city

Given the virtual world we live in everything is now accessible by a Zoom link.

To participate On-Line via Zoom go to the web site set out below and use the webinar ID set out below.
Webinar ID: 966 5772 6680
Participate by Telephone: 1-647-374-4685 (audio only)

Burlington is in the process of beginning to look like a very different city.

Molinaro Brant and Ghent

Three 25 story buildings with some townhouses on Brant thrown in.

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5 comments to Three by 25 storeys to go up at the Brant Ghent intersection. Some town houses as well.

  • Philip Jackson

    The uglification of Burlington continues! Rack em and stack em!

  • Perryb

    As attractive as a pile of lego bricks

  • Hans jacobs

    I didn’t see mention of the OP zoning for this area but presume that it’s less than 25 stories. The City is being destroyed in increments.

    • Hans it was defihitely included (we live next door) and have known three tall towers were coming for some time. We believe It is the beginning of the Burlington Go Station UGC which is where most people want the intensification that is legislated rather than down town. We are still hoping for a pedestrianized down town despite the city failing to address the MTSA “bus stop” and UGC early enough., The meeting held by the Molinaro Group is the place to ask questions regarding traffic control etc. The Gazette has publicized the Appleby community having the right approach by working with the deeveloper early enough. When we came to Burlington Brant Street ended in a dirt road. Now look at it. Those who want small town rather than what has been slated to happen have had years of warning. Burlington even with traffic (which we hate and spend our summers away from it) and other issues is still a wonderful place to live as far as we are concerned compared to the alternatives…

  • Judy christie

    WoW!! Imagine the traffic on Brant St. with another THREE large buildings!! It is bad enough as it is. Oh well, what can we do? Nothing, apparently.