Three hockey players and a soccer player equal almost 3000 lbs of food - Jessica topped off for the last 13 lbs

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

November 2nd, 2020



It’s just the kind of city we live in.

Here’s the way Robin Bailey, Executive Director of the Burlington Food Bank tells the story:

“Three hockey players and a soccer player showed up at the Food Bank on the first Thursday of October and dropped off a bin full of food.

“They didn’t give us their names but did allow us to take a photo. The anonymous athletes came back the next Thursday night in the rain with another bin. Then last week they came in again on Thursday and had more food donations than ever before.

“Through posting this online with Burlington Together and with Burlington Dads we were able to learn more about who they were. We just felt that they were obviously not doing this for fame and fortune but to help families that needed the support right now.

“The final totals to date were 250 lbs / 88 lbs / 270 lbs / and tonight 379 lbs for a grand total of 987 lbs. Jokingly, the boys said they should go back for 13 lbs just to make it an even 1,000 but right behind them with her own donation drop-off tonight was Jessica Kennedy who brought in 195 lbs. herself. Jessica met the boys as they were leaving tonight and she told us that it was the three hockey players and a soccer player who inspired and motivated her to run a food drive at her company. And she said the boys were welcome to 13 lbs from her donations.

Food bank - 3bous + 1

In no particular order – George, Tristan, Jason and Nathan with Robin Bailey who finally learned who they are.

“Between the athletes and Jessica their total was 1,182 lbs which translates at a dollar value of $2.60 per pound making it a donation value of over $3,000. But who’s counting. They told us that it was just fun to be together and to work together on Thursday nights to help out the community. I hope they all feel great! We are very proud of them, they are really great young men. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts GEORGE, TRISTAN, JASON and NATHAN you showed us all how special true friendship is and what a little teamwork can accomplish. We will never forget you guys!”

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