Town Crier places 11th – shares the spot with five others: how did he do that?

By Staff


August 15th, 2013

Our Town Crier, Dave Vollick, took himself to Kingston recently  to compete with Criers from around the world, and was judged to be 11th of 17 competitors.  That’s not all that good a position but then there were seven people tied for the 11th spot.

Dave Vollick, on the left, took his interest in history, particularly local history and found himself  wanting  to be a Town Crier.

There were two tied for fifth place; two tied for 8th place and two for tenth place; three for twelfth place and six for the 13th place.

Clearly a different approach to scoring competitors.

There were 17 contestants in the World Invitational Town Crier Competition 2013 that took place in Kingston.  The event marked the first year that the championships have taken place in Canada.

Kingston, originally the first capital of Canada, is a city rich with history.  The Criers were brought into town by that city’s Business Improvement Association.

Vollick has served the city as a volunteer Crier and has performed admirably.  On the one occasion when this reporter was unable to attend a city Council meeting, the last that took place in 2011, we engaged Vollick to explain out absence which he did when he said:

Oyez Oyez Oyez

Your Worship Mayor Goldring, gentle lady and gentlemen of the council, esteemed city administrators, members of the public gallery; I appear before you tonight at the request of, and on behalf of, that epitome of Burlington’s political reporting and punditry – Mr. Pepper Parr.

To his despair he finds that he is unable, not only to attend, to but to document, and disseminate the momentous deliberations and decisions of this the penultimate council meeting of the year of our Lord two thousand, ought ,and eleven.

He bids you to persevere in his absence, and to carry on as sagely, judiciously, and with all due prudence, albeit with the caution,  that he has come to expect of this august body.

Why you may ask has Mr. Parr sent a young stripling in his stead, and an answer you shall receive.

This very day, yea, but a few short hours past, Mr. Parr, did in the precinct of Aldershot in that most noble of wards (Number 1) in this our crown jewel of a city Burlington,  pledge his troth to his beloved Pia. Yes indeed he has chosen to splice his life line, join in nuptial bliss, to become as one, to slip on that golden ring, in short to join the ranks of married men.

So while it is with regret that he cannot be with you tonight; let it be known to one all  that he is in the throes of rejoicing, rapture, possibly stupefaction, bliss, and / or terror as befits a gentleman of mature years as he is about to embark on the good ship “Married Life”

To one and all whom inhabit this hall he sends his true best wishes, but don’t despair he will be here as 2012 commences.

 He had members of Council rolling in their seats.

Our Town Crier does engagements for individuals and organizations.  Worth thinking about when you want to do something different.



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