Traditional Ukrainian dinner - sold as Take Out only on March 25th

By Staff

March 7th, 2022



A massive banner made up of the Ukrainian flag colours displayed at the Rally on the weekend.

This is about as Ukrainian as you can get.

A Sausage and Perogie dinner – takes place on March 25th – Take Out only.

Take out only is a pity – it is a fund raiser but it would be something else to take part in a large hall filled with people sitting at tables eating good Ukranian food with traditional music piped into the room.

There is a war going on in their country – they need all the money they can get and they need all the support we can give then.

These people are afraid, courageous yes – but afraid about what is going to happen to their families and friends who cannot get out or who have chosen to stay and fight.

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