Transit holding drop in sessions on the plans for service going forward.

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March 13th, 2019



Burlington Transit getting new buses - to deliver less service.

Burlington Transit getting new buses.

Now that transit is something the city is prepared to spend money on (they approved the purchase of three new buses) the transit people want to know what you think should be done in terms of frequency of service, peak service hours, key travel destinations and transit connections in the GTHA.

“As Burlington’s population grows, moving around the city should be easy and convenient, including on Burlington Transit”, according to the transit people.

Transit service - ridership decline

Bfast has consistently provided reliable data setting out where the problems are.

A series of drop in sessions are being held by the Transit service for you to learn more about the future vision for Burlington Transit and for you to share your input on what the future is going to hold.

The Drop In sessions will take place on the following dates and at the following locations:
Monday, March 18 – 3 to 6 p.m.
City Hall 426 Brant St.

Wednesday, March 20 – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Central Arena, 519 Drury Ln

Thursday, March 21 – 6 to 9 p.m.
Tansley Woods, 1996 Itabashi Way

The people in Aldershot, Alton and the east end of the city are going to have to truck themselves into the middle of the city to take part.

Hopefully, the Drop in Sessions will be more of a listening exercise than a one way flow of information from them to us.

Bfast Transit group logoThis is also an occasion for Bfast to put together a well-researched paper on what the city needs and where it is needed.

There are changes in the air – make sure the changes reflect what you need – take part.

Sue Connor at mike

Director of Transit Sue Connors

Burlington currently has a Director of Transit who brought a strong past with her – she changed the way Brampton put its buses to use – that city once had a terrible transit service.  When Sue Connor left it was one of the best in the province.

She listens and genuinely wants a transit that works for people who use buses.  Let he know what you think.

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4 comments to Transit holding drop in sessions on the plans for service going forward.

  • The plans that they are telling us about, they are all very cliché and they are not going to get any ideas about it too. This is not the way that they want to carry out these plans too.

  • Lawson Hunter

    I went to one session and felt it was the same old public meeting. Handed a number of dots to put on various maps. Little interaction. No vision or sense of urgency. No mention of a Master Transit Plan – due Sept. What was the point again?

  • ROger

    I echo the message – holding meetings that cannot be accessed by local transit – unacceptable

  • Marie

    My local bus won’t get me to any of these meetings. That should sum up what I have to say about Burlington Transit.