Tuck, Ryerson, Pauline Johnson and Tecumseh as well as Frontenac to undergo a boundary review.

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February 25th 2019



The Halton District School Board (HDSB) is currently reviewing the boundaries of Frontenac Public School along with the following Ward 4 elementary schools: John T. Tuck, Pauline Johnson, Ryerson, and Tecumseh.

This review will not impact current high school boundaries. That means students currently residing in the Nelson HS catchment will continue to be directed to Nelson HS.

Paraded in a row Pauline Johnson PS

Pauline Johnson PS has a number of portable to accommodate the student population

Boundary reviews are necessary when student enrollments are imbalanced. When populations exceed school capacity, portables are necessary. When individual school populations are consistently low (under 60% utilization), school closure conversations (otherwise known as a Program Accommodation Review) can be triggered.

The school board publishes an annual report on the current and long term enrollment predictions for all schools in Halton. This report is called the Long Term Accommodation Plan

The Boundary Review Committee (BRC) consists of a superintendent, a trustee, and two parent representatives from each school in the affected communities. BRC meetings will take place at the New Street Education Centre (3250 New Street), also known as Gary Allan HS, from 7–9 p.m. on February 26, April 9, and May 14. The public is welcome to attend, as observers, at any of the BRC meetings.

The public is invited to participate in the Boundary Review Public Consultation meeting being held on April 30 at the same location and time as above. Here, the public may view the options being considered and ask questions of the HDSB staff and Boundary Review Committee members in attendance.

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1 comment to Tuck, Ryerson, Pauline Johnson and Tecumseh as well as Frontenac to undergo a boundary review.

  • KristenT

    Hey Gazette reporters! You might want to actually go out and count the portables. Pauline Johnson has 2 and Tuck has at least 8. That photo is implying false figures.