Two major developments in ward 1; Aldershot and North Tyandaga will see significant increases in residential housing.

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August 23rd, 2017



National Homes has moved into the Burlington residential market in a big way – one might say huge plans are in the making.

The company acquired the property on Brant Street next to the Emergency Measures station that was owned by the – they grew hay on the property.

The plans are for a project that will include 12 townhouse blocks with 83 units, three condominium townhouse blocks with 150 units.

National Homes

The western edge of the property backs on the the gold course. There was a time when a former city manager felt the city shouldn’t be in the golf course business and Councillor Dennison had great plans to sell the land and zone it residential.

Included in the application are a woodlot block as well as a natural heritage system (buffer) block. The proposed development has a total area of 11.1 hectares (27.2 acres).

Nationa; homes - Brant Master landscape

Traffic wanting to go north on Brant Street might be a problem.

Brant St frontage

The look the project will have from Brant street.

These lands are currently vacant; historically they were used for agricultural purposes. The Glover family told the property to a developer and was then put in the hands of a trustee,   Burlington lawyer, William Hourigan, who transferred it to the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Hamilton in Ontario for a $1 token payment by the church.

Brant - aetrial - street didn't exist in 1950

This 1950 aerial photograph is a little confusing – the property boundary is clearly shown but there doesn’t appear to be a Brant Street unless it was just a dusty rural road. What then is the road to the right?

The property was Crown land prior to 1798; it was given to Joseph Brant who appears to have flipped it almost instantly to Ann Glover and kept in the family until 1958 when it was sold to Sumac Investments Limited and transferred to the Catholic church shortly after.

National Homes acquired the property about 18 months ago.  The property is reported to have once been owned by ADI Developments for a very short period of time,

National Homes is  part of a broadly based group of companies that traces its origin back to the establishment in 1974 of Pantalone Realty, now a leading Toronto Real Estate Brokerage specializing in industrial and commercial properties and undeveloped residential land assemblies. Venturon Developments has developed over 8,000 lots, and constructed thousands of square feet of retail and commercial developments.
National Homes, founded in 1992 by Rocco Pantalone, has grown into one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most successful and respected home builders with over 15,000 homes in their portfolio of accomplishments and a growing focus on the high-rise market.
When you look at the size of the National Homes operation and the number of houses they have built – the phrase “rich developers” springs to mind, and developers do alright.  So does the city – the chart below shows just how much in the fees the developer has to pay the city upfront if you don’t mind.
Fee structure Brant

That is very close to a quarter of a million upfront dollars.

Major players

National Homes is not a small player in the development game. New to Burlington perhaps.

Bingo hall property
The plaza on Plains Road opposite Maplehurst public school where the Bingo operation, the hardware store and the dollar store are located.

Bingo hall property
National Homes is proposing the complete redevelopment of the site including 2 eight storey buildings (condos) and several hundred townhouses for a total of 414 residential units. The proposal includes 6,900 square feet of retail space and underground parking.
At this date there isn’t a formal application before the planners.

Georgian Court is another major development for Aldershot.

Another massive re-development is planned for the Francis Road and Plains Road part of Aldershot.  The  redevelopment plan for the 20 acre site has been shared with existing tenants of the rental complex.

The owner is proposing major intensification, specifically replacement of the current 288 townhouses with 1,450 new rental units including townhouses and apartments.

Georgian Court Estates rendering

This development will result in a massive change to an existing community.

The plan calls for one 23 storey building, one 18 storey building, one 15 storey building, eight 8 storey buildings, six 6 storey buildings, five 4 storey buildings and a series of 3 storey townhouses.

That certainly defines intensification which the Mayor has said would not impact more than 5% of the established neighbourhoods in the city.

Added to these developments is the long term think plan the city is putting together and calling mobility hubs.  There will be one in the western end of Aldershot around the GO station.

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  • Lonely Taxpayer

    “A quarter million in up-front dollars !”

    Actually $253,959.00 to be exact (+ 16,892.00 at time of close.)

    Divided by 2,000 homes = $ 126.98 each home to pay for: hospitals, schools, police & fire, libraries, garbage and snow…

    A pretty good deal for the price of a dinner for two.