Two of the three provincial political parties are pounding the pavement - looking for support - we go to the polls next June.

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August 28, 2017



The next provincial election gets more real every day.

Nothing on who the NDP candidate is going to be.

The McMahon Liberals are doing a repeat of the operational organization that Karina Gould did that propelled her into office.

McMahon proved to be solid campaigner and a good debater during the least provincial election when she took a riding that the Conservatives had held for more than 70 years.

Add that organizational heft to a superb campaigner and there is something formidable moving through the streets of the city.

McKenna campaigning

Jane at the door step – where is the voter?

Jane McKenna has been doing her own door to door work.

McKenna hasn’t said much publicly – other than a few pictures from her Facebook page there is little to go on.

McKenna has always been close to Opposition leader Patrick Brown – it will be interesting to see if she convinces Brown to campaign on her behalf in Burlington.

McKenna with small group cam[paining

One wag commented on the footwear – can’t walk many miles in those shoes. Maybe it was just a photo op?

Mike Wallace was at one point heading up the McKenna campaign – we aren’t seeing him in any of the photographs.

McMahon is running on what the Liberal government has done – she is a member of cabinet so she is part of the decisions that are made. As a member of Treasury Board she oversees where and how the dollars are spent.

McMahon picnic

Lunch is on the MPP – McMahon wants you to show up and enjoy yourself.

McMahon can bring in Premier Kathleen Wynne if she feels she needs the clout. She will be holding her annual end of summer BBQ at LaSalle Park on Sunday September 10th.

McKenna will want to focus on what the provincial government has not done.

Time for you the voter to begin thinking about what you like and are happy with and what you think needs to be changed.

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4 comments to Two of the three provincial political parties are pounding the pavement – looking for support – we go to the polls next June.

  • Sharon

    Jane McKenna has opposed the PARC process and the closing of schools. Jane McKenna came to the Bateman Palozza on Sunday 27th at the Slye Fox and listened to stories and took a personal interest in Robert Bateman High School. I told Jane I would help her campaign.

    Even though Jane at this moment can not do anything for us she has already done more than Eleanor McMahon has done and that is LISTEN!

  • Stephen White

    Eleanor has indeed been missing in action throughout the entire PARC school closure debate. Her silence speaks volumes, and suggests not only a lack of empathy for students and parents but also an unwillingness to stand up for the interests of constituents. That will surely cost her a lot of support from many disgruntled parents.

    The NDP and the Greens won’t likely be a credible force in this riding or elsewhere in the province. Andrea Horwath and her party still give many voters the creeps, especially those of us who watched the Barnum and Bailey circus headed by Bob Rae between 1990 and 1995. As for the Greens, they need to broaden their policy platform beyond purely environmental issues.

    I have personal reservations about Patrick Brown and Jane McKenna, but in truth both of them opposed the PARC process and the school closures. For that they deserve some credit and are deserving of a serious second look.

  • Tim

    Eleanor has been pretty ineffective as a MPP for Burlington often representing Queens Park in Burlington and not Burlington in Queens Park.

    Looking at the over budget unfinished GO station, no support for the stopping of closing of Bateman and Pearson

    McKenna has been a bit of a no show on a questionable nomination process

    If the NDP put a strong candidate – could it be there time or could similar to BC – a push for the Green’s makes them a power broker

    Only the voter will say

  • craig gardner

    does anyone have any idea yet who any of the candidates are in the new riding created for 2018 election in north Burlington?