Union Gas adds $25,000 to the disaster relief fund; young girl adds $341 from a birthday party. Goal of $2 million at the 21% level.

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September 16, 2014



Raising funds for a community that is trying to recover from a disaster is never an easy task. Burlington’s August 4th flood was more than a month ago and in a word where the news cycle is good for three or four days at best, it is difficult to keep public attention – but the need is real and in some cases dire.

BCF Union Gas cheque presentation

Union Gas presnted a cheque for $25,000 to the Disaster relief Fund. From the left: MAyor Rick Goldring, Michael Shannon of Union Gas, Burlington Community foundation president Colleen Mulholland, Mark Egbedeyi-Emmanuel, Union Gas and Ron Foxcroft.

The Burlington Community Foundation (BCF) is doing the lead work on the raising and distribution of funds with Ron Foxcroft doing the arm twisting and getting the major donations.

Last week there was a $25,000 donation from Branthaven Development and yesterday there was a $25,000 donation from Union Gas. Donations like this move the thermometer close to the $2 million target – which Burlington expects the province to match under its two for one ODRAP program.

The Ontario Disaster Relief and Assistance Program (ODRAP) allows the province to contribute $2 for every dollar raised by the community. If this happens the BCF will have access to $6 million to aid those who lost almost everything in the lower levels of their homes; including washers, dryers and furnaces.

The big donations matter – but the small donations are important as well. A young Burlington girl was having a birthday party to which she had invited a bunch of her friends. She decided that instead of her friends giving her a birthday gift she would ask them to make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund – she sent in a donation of $341

BCF coin box

When you see a donation box – toss all your change into it – it also takes paper money.

Catherine Brady, a strong Rotarian leader took on the task of asking retailers if they would set up a donation box in there store. There are now more than 50 of these set up on store counters.
The need is real – and every bit helps.

Foxcroft and Mayor Goldring - the Foxcroft look

Mayor Goldring gets the look from lead fund raiser Ron Foxcroft

In the days ahead there are other large organizations in the city that will be announcing major donations.

When an individual goes on line and makes a donation that actually move the thermometer. Each Wednesday the BCF will be adding all the large corporate donations to the total – so we can look for those big amounts boost that thermometer.

BCF thermometer Sept 16-14At this point the total is at the 21% level. Ron Foxcroft said this was going to be a 100 day drive – we are 14 days into that drive.


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