Unwanted talent in Spencer Smith Park becoming a problem. - Concerts in the Park is what the public prefers

By Staff

July 4th, 2022


Revised and updated

Spencer Smith Park has a special meaning for the people of Burlington.

Trample on what it means to them and city hall tends to hear about it.

Marianne, a nurse, who lives in downtown Burlington wanted to share with you her environmental exposure.

During the late evening of July 2nd the downtown was exposed to a random guy playing acoustic guitar (not very well) with a speaker.

During the wee hours – aka 0330 hrs. – on July 3rd – the downtown was exposed to a random act of fireworks.

During the late evening (beyond 10 pm) on Sunday, July 3rd the downtown was exposed to a random gal singing (not very well) with the assistance of a speaker.

What is the City of Burlington and Spencer Smith Park becoming????; an uncontrolled panhandling mecca in our coveted park?

No police presence or control.

A little further east at the band shell in Central Park the mood and the music is what people preferred.

These concerts take place on Wednesdays and Saturday: 7:30 to 9:00 pm – bring a chair and a blanket.

The program is a joint venture with Rocca Sisters and the city.

That skyline looks as if it was painted in place – it was real and there are more of them to come.

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4 comments to Unwanted talent in Spencer Smith Park becoming a problem. – Concerts in the Park is what the public prefers

  • N M

    Check the City of Burlington’s website for the FREE, Concerts in the Park schedule (Central Park) that happen every Wednesday and Sunday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Great music!

  • Brian Rose

    Regardless of talent level budding musicians & corner preachers are part of a vibrant City. Burlington is not a small town anymore. Downtowns in cities are busy. People express themselves freely. Don’t worry your not going to “burn in hell”

  • Steve W

    Not really a problem

  • Colette Ertel

    Loud speakers should be banned from the park unless they are for events authorized by the city. I am a little tired of the self proclaimed preacher yelling at my through a loud speaker as I walk through the park. He tells me regularly “that I am going to burn in hell”. With regards to the buskers I thought that they required a license. There was a tremendous police present on Canada Day in the park but that is unusual. Normally there is none. We love the festivals and events such as Canada Day but the non stop “open mic” for anyone who thinks that they have talent or who just wants to “pass judgement” on people minding their own business, has become a bit much. That being said I have come across the occasional person who actually does have talent but those are few and far between. Time for something to be done so that everyone can enjoy the quiet peace that the park and nature offers during these chaotic times.