Up the Creek brings in a whopping $20,000 from a four hour street party; phenomenal.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr September 2, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON Wow! Do you know what they did over on Elwood Street last Monday?

Nicholson Glenn organized UPcreek event on Elwood

Glenn Nicholson, the man on Elwood who came up with the idea of holding a street event to raise some money for the local Disaster Relief fund. His team brought in more than $20,000.

They raised 20 big ones – $20,000. That is a truly amazing number and one that Ron Foxcroft chair of the local Disaster Relief Committee is going to have to bust his buns to better. Foxcroft will bring in more money – he has a bigger field to work – but relatively Glenn Nicholson, the guy that got the Elwood Up the Creek event off the ground. Nicholson is the kind of leader that is quick to point out that the $20,000 number wouldn’t have happened without a lot of help – and that is certainly true . But those volunteers would not have had a chance to come forward if Glenn Nicholson had not first stepped up. Great work.  Nicholson pointed out that the amount of money that gets to the Disaster fund might be a little less than $20,000. “We have a few invoices that haven’t come in yet – the insurance bill and the cost of the T-shirts.” But still – $20,000 is a lot of hot dogs.

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