Walkins for vaccinations are no longer being accepted at clinics planned for Burlington, Oakville and Milton. Registrations must be done on line

By Pepper Parr

December 27th, 2021



There have been some monumental screw ups in setting up locations where people can get COVID19 vaccinations.  Thousands are reported to have lined up at locations where GOVAXX buses were located only to find that the demand far exceeded the supply.

The province has set up three clinics for Halton Region.  You must make an appointment.

Lindsay Di Tomasso, Acting Manager, Corporate Communications Halton Region, said yesterday.

We learned late this afternoon (Sunday)  that the Province will no longer be accepting walk-ins at their GOVAXX bus stops and must be booked through the provincial booking system or contact centre.

The Province this posted to social media late yesterday and are planning to send out a news release on this today (Monday).

There are three clinics planned in Halton over the coming days that are impacted:

Burlington Centre  – may be fully booked, appointments limited.
777 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON L7R 3N2

Monday, December 27
9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Oakville Place Shopping Centre  – book appointments starting 8 a.m. December 27 through Provincial booking system.
240 Leighland Ave., Oakville, ON L6H 3H6

         Tuesday, December 28

          9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Milton Mall book appointments starting 8 a.m. December 27 through Provincial booking system
55 Ontario St. South, Milton, ON L9T 2M3.

Tuesday, December 28
10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Book today at ontario.ca/bookvaccine or by calling 1-833-943-3900.

Many public officials have posted notices to promote walkins at these clinics and and expect many residents were likely planning to attend these.

Unfortunately we are hearing from the province that the Burlington clinic for tomorrow is now fully booked. We have updated the booking page with this information and will be retweeting the Province’s  post.

We can expect some frustrated residents who show up early Monday morning.

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4 comments to Walkins for vaccinations are no longer being accepted at clinics planned for Burlington, Oakville and Milton. Registrations must be done on line

  • Penny Hersh

    Should have added….vaccinations are not the “silver bullet”. People who have been triple vaccinated are still getting the Omicron variant and should not consider themselves safe from contracting this variant. Proper masking, staying away from large gatherings and physical distancing is still needed.

  • Penny Hersh

    Is the problem not having sites or is the problem the availability and distribution of vaccine.

    This is not the first time the Ontario Government has “announced” that it is prepared and able to vaccinate anyone who wants to be, only to fall flat on its face.

    Let’s not forget the Rapid Test Kit fiasco. All we had to do was go to designated LCBO’s, according to our Premier on the 17th of December and these kits would be available. The sign in the designated LCBO in the Maple Mews Plaza had a sign that said that they didn’t have any to come back the next day. Two days later the sign indicated that they had received their allotment of kits and no more would be available.

    The pop up distribution at the GO Station in Burlington at 7:00am, only to find out that people had been lining up from 4:30am for the 7:00am start of distribution. The people waiting in line stretched for blocks were told at 7:30am that all the kits were gone.

    Interesting that the government has now indicated that if relatives in other countries mail rapid test kits to relatives in Canada there will be consequences.

    Yesterday, telling people they can walk in and get a vaccination at the mobile bus today, Dec 27th in Burlington only to be told today that they were taking people by appointment only, is in my opinion, the result of having a limited number of vaccine available and how would it look if people kept coming and they had to tell people that there was no vaccine available?

    If there was more than enough vaccine, would not Joseph Brant open up its vaccine clinic again? It was well organized, well run and people were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Anyone who went to Gary Allan for their booster will attest to the fact of how poorly organized it was and probably continues to be.

    Pharmacies in Burlington had to cancel vaccine appointments because their shipment of vaccine did not arrive.

    Two years down the road and what has this government done to ensure that we have enough vaccine, rapid test kits and proper facial masks – NOTHING? In the private sector if this happened heads would roll.

    Perhaps our Mayor and council should not be tweeting, and facebooking this type of information until they have double checked with the people that be that what they are promoting is not going to change. 247 people getting vaccinated in a day is a joke.

    I would also suggest that residents get proper disposable masks now as I am certain that there will be a shortage of these and the prices will become exorbitant. All disposable masks are not created equal. Masks come in different levels of protection. If you can’t find N95 masks look for surgical masks that are level 3 of protection. They also have to fit tightly around the face as well as the nose. According to physicians the Omicron variant is very contagious and for that reason proper fit of a mask is essential, and should be worn outside as well.

    Cloth masks alone don’t seem to provide enough protection.

    For those of you who feel that this new variant does not make you really ill, the sheer number of people getting sick and requiring hospitalization will definitely impact the health care system. This will result in cancelled surgeries and testing.

    Students need to be in class, not learning virtually. We need to do whatever is necessary to make this happen.

    It may be “holiday time” but Covid 19 does not take a holiday.

    It is indeed a sorry state of affairs.

  • Diane Knox

    “Monumental Screw ups”
    Is the best way to describe the Region of Halton Health Dept. or Dr.?
    and the City of Burlington in particular for their Testing, Vaccination, and distribution process/sites.

    . For the last 22 months the Diverse Demographic Population of Responsible, Caring citizens have been forced to find sites open on-line – if they still can do this, or find a number to call, or find accessible-( taxi !!, bus, etc.) way to Book an appointment and get there. Not everyone lives in the West end of Burlington near the Hospital, or drives a car, or has a family driver in This CITY.
    Other, cities have opened empty Schools, Neighbourhood ‘pop ups’, many Rapid test distribution sites etc. Busses etc. Meanwhile in our local neighbourhood Pharmacies are swamped. the Liquor stores ran out. and we try.

    If you Build it they will Come” and We will.

    This is Canada, Winter, post Holiday week,,
    SO -I urge All who make decisions to make All the tools Available to All.
    Perhaps then it will be a Happy 2022


  • John Birch

    Merry Christmas
    I understand some are still having trouble getting their 3rd Covid shot appointment, or want to move up the date of their appointment. The site link below saves a lot of time.

    If you are having a hard time finding a vaccine booking, this is a helpful site.
    Covid Vaccine Bookings and Walk-in openings, Ontario.
    Active List of open bookings appointments and walk-ins for the entire Province of Ontario.
    Live link to all booking sites.

    Triple Pfizered ourselves on Dec 15th.