Ward 2 Councillor gets the status of leaf collection out to her constituents

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December 1, 2020



Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns lost no time getting out the gate and letting her constituents know what the status of the leaf collection program is.

Tough to take up those leaves with snow on the ground as well

Here is what Kearns told the people in her ward,

Lisa Kearns

Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns was the first, and so far only Councilor to get a note out to her constituents on the status of leaf collection.

Many residents have connected with my office today in a state of concern as the snow has fallen on the remaining piles of leaves across our Ward 2 Neighbourhoods.

Due to the accumulation of snow, Leaf Collection is on hold until conditions permit continuation of the program.

What does this mean for residents? Do nothing with your leaves.

At this point, the city’s Roads, Parks & Forestry team intends to continue with the program as soon as weather conditions permit.

Please do not be concerned that the snow plows are going to displace leaves back onto your sidewalk or property.

Our Roads Staff will not be conducting a full road plow as we did not reach our trigger point accumulation. The primary roads are in good shape and we will be using both city forces and contracted services on our secondary and local priority salt routes to plow after lunch. Once this is complete additional work will be taken throughout the night to deal with any winter road conditions.

Keeping you safe and informed is a key priority right now.

I recognize that the last two years have been challenging for this city run program, we will keep working harder to and continue to do our best in meeting your expectations.

Stay tuned and watch for additional information coming from City Communications as well.

Following is a map outlining Leaf Collection in Ward 2:

Leaf collection via Kearns

Red – Roads/ streets which still require Leaf Pickup Blue – Leaf Pick-up complete

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact my office at Lisa.Kearns@Burlington.ca.

Keep well, stay calm, show kindness.


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9 comments to Ward 2 Councillor gets the status of leaf collection out to her constituents

  • Walter weddepohl

    Cancel this program, there are too many factors against it.Bag your leaves at the time and don’t wait for the pick up to cancelled leaving you with a bigger mess.
    To suggest that city trees are the cities problem is pure nonsense, it’s called streetscape of which we all benefit.It is the same with grass cutting street side, it’s the cities property but you maintain it.

  • Steve

    @Albert. I agree, Burlington should do away with the leaf collecting program, or charge individually for the service. But, when people plan for it, and it doesn’t happen, they have a right to complain.

  • Albert

    If the Public has figured out a way to predict when exactly leaves will fall and when snow will will fall, then the program planning would be so much easier. How about bagging your leaves and think of the money the CoB will save for the pampered residents of Burlington.
    The average taxpayer has no clue how these programs run or how much they cost.

    • Phillip Wooster

      I take care of my own leaves–but I’ll be damned if I’m cleaning up the City’s leaves. As the Tree Commissars on Brant St like to remind us frequently those trees on the streets are City trees. They can clean up their own mess.

  • john Purkis

    As has been explained to me by several city council members, the number of staff in each cab of the trucks doing pickup, needed to be reduced due to covid 19. These are not normal times and many people seem to forget these folks are still trying to do their jobs while following the restriction placed on them.

  • Jerry.

    In our zone 3 the leaves were suppose to be collected on Nov 23, but nobody came down our street, which is a pretty big street, and bus route. I don’t recall weather being a factor that week. So what happened?

  • DK

    This council is so consumed with saving the trees but feel no inclination to clean up after them.

  • MrBean

    Wow. Snowed north of Upoer Middle last year and the city canceled loose leaf pickup.

  • Joe Pyche

    Is their a justifiable reason why the CITY OF BURLINGTON has not completed leaf collection 3 weeks before christmas.This is not acceptable planning.