Ward 2 Councillor produces a no minced words video on her opposition to the recommended 23 storey tower opposite city hall.

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November 9th, 2019



Ward 2 city Councillor Marianne Meed Ward has always been a strong social media maven. She understands the technology and as a television broadcaster understands the visual medium.


Marianne Meed Ward at a city council meeting.

She is strongly opposed to the approval of a 23 storey structure at the corner of James and Brant street – opposite city hall.

Council gave the building its approval at a Standing Committee a few days ago. That recommendation goes to city Council on the 13th where it gets made the law of the land. If Council votes for the recommendation that came from the Standing Committee (and given that the same people are on the Committee and city council, the expectation is that it will be passed) a bylaw is passed and that’s the end of that story.

Meed Ward has never shied away from controversy. She is described as divisive – as if there is something wrong with that.

The two votes against the project were from the Mayor and Meed Ward. In order for that committee vote to be changed at city council two of the five that voted for it will have to change their minds. It is a defining moment for the city.

Councillors Craven, Taylor, Sharman, Dennison and Lancaster voted for the development.

Meed Ward produced a video – about a minute and a half long. She doesn’t mince her words.
Check it out.

Kelly Childs, owner of Kellys Bake Shop has also done a video. Hers runs for a full 32 minutes.


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10 comments to Ward 2 Councillor produces a no minced words video on her opposition to the recommended 23 storey tower opposite city hall.

  • Joe Gaetan

    The 4 yeahs’s only understand votes, perhaps a “NO” rally of tour de force proportions will sway them. No to 421-26!!!

  • Gary Scobie

    I just viewed Kelly Child’s video, all 32 minutes of it. I was blown away by her insights in living, working and running a business downtown. I should add that to my knowledge I have never met Kelly. But I intend to. I urge you to watch this video. You will be moved.

    I delegated at the November 1st Planning and Development Committee meeting on this application and had more questions from and dialogue with Council members than all meetings I have delegated at in the past six years. It was as close to give and take with Council that I have ever experienced. I failed to convince enough Councillors to vote against this proposal, but it was still worth it.

    And I still have not lost hope. I will return on November 13th and try to use logic and reason (and some pleading) to convince two more Councillors to vote No on this application. That’s all it takes. I invite anyone who cares about our downtown to register to delegate as well. This is our last chance to stop the proliferation of 20+ storey buildings at most corners on Brant Street over the next 10 years.

    It is our city and we should have a say in how it intensifies.

    • William

      We’re lucky to have amazing people like Gary who continues the fight for the community because a better outcome is not only right, it’s possible.

  • Judy

    I totally agree with Marianne and I think the majority of the city does agree with her too.

  • Stephen White

    The most telling part of the video is the second last frame which asks the question: Whose City is it? Increasingly, the answer seems to be “the Developers and their friends on Council and in the Planning Department”.

  • K. Osborne

    I agree with Mr. Gaetan. If this 23 storey building goes forward; why do we have zoning by-laws? Seems by-laws are put in place for a reason; but then city council disregards them. Money speaks is the new Burlington motto.

  • Joe Gaetan

    The one and only issue is council as a whole is not following it’s own guidelines and we did not elect James Ridge. Imagine working under Ridge and having a different professional opinion on this structure,and any other structure he wholeheartedly endorses, would you dare come forward. Not if your career depended on it. Why bother with public input and official plans if Ridge and 3 councilors whose wards lose nothing by this, can vote to ignore the rules,because that what this vote will really be about.The process is smoke and mirrors.

  • craig

    nice video hope the final vote stays 5 to 2 I know I have made my wishes known to my councillor as per previous comment Bridgewater is like 22 storeys why the big fuss on this one

  • Steve

    Great video from Marianne but I don’t see what the issue is when 2 blocks south buildings of similar height exist.