Ward 2 debate to take place this evening at New Street Baptist church; part of the political history of the city will be written this evening.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 1, 2018



The city is in the bottom half of the ward level debates between the candidates running for a seat on City Council.

This evening there will be six people on the stage at the Burlington Baptist Church on New Street that moderator is going to have to manage in what is planned as a two hour event.

Lisa Kearns Election Photo

Lisa Kearns

Calderback in yellowKimberly Calderbank, Michael Jones, Lisa Kearns, Gerard Shkuda, Roland Tanner and Walter Wiebe are the nominated candidates.

Tanner standing

Roland Tanner

There are some clear lines developing as to how candidates have aligned themselves with the top issues during the debate.

Michael Jones 2

Michael Jones with his daughter

There are some very strong contenders; there are others that are struggling to create a profile and there are candidates the city has heard very little about.

Ward 2 has always been seen as the core of not only the geography of the city but where political activity has been rich at least ever since current council member Marianne Meed Ward became a member of council in 2010.

Meed Ward has taken a big political risk and thrown her hat into the ring and challenged the incumbent Mayor for the chain of office.

Will the energy she brought to the ward and city council become part of a new council or will she leave the political stage in Burlington and move on to something else?

Walter Wiebe ward 2

Walter Wiebe


Gerrard Shkuda

And who in ward 2 will fill her two inch stilettos?

The city is about to hear what the six candidates have to say.

It could well be a defining debate for the city.

ECOB logoThe 2018 election is believed to be the first time there have been debates in every ward in the city. There are many who have chosen to see the really hard work done by ECoB – Engaged Citizens of Burlington as somehow partisan and that they have somehow rigged the debates.

When the political history of the city is told someone is going to have to explain why the three incumbents running for re-election chose to avoid taking part in the debates. History will record if there is going to be a price paid for the decisions they made.

This evening we get to hear from the people who want to lead ward 2 at city council.

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1 comment to Ward 2 debate to take place this evening at New Street Baptist church; part of the political history of the city will be written this evening.

  • Susie

    Hoping that all Ward 2 candidates read this before the debate this eve.

    Concern: Downtown intensification of planned hi-rises with a mobility hub of “large buses”, “bikes”, and no room for road widening! The acceptance by the City for pop-up patios taking the parking spots infront of their eateries, and many multi delivery trucks now taking one of the two main traffic lanes, bikers with no real biking lane, and vehicles wanting to move along Brant Street, is my question and concern going forward with a new Ward 2 Councillor. The seriousness of this magnitude of downtown gridlock problem, needs to be put forth this eveing with strength and honesty in their presentations going forward with the changes that are drastically needed with the new OP to stop the unrealistic way of thinking.