Ward 2 resident Michael Jones announces he will run for the ward seat on city council.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

February 13th, 2018



Well – here is a flash of election news.

The Gazette got a note from Michael Jones, a ward 2 resident who delegated at city hall several weeks ago voicing his opposition to much of the draft Official Plan and pushing for a deferral of the vote until after the October municipal election.

Little did we know that as he stood there at the podium a few weeks ago, he was mulling over whether or not he should run for office.

His note to us this morning:

city hall with flag poles

Another fresh young face decides to run for council – hoping for an office in city hall.

“If Marianne doesn’t run , I’m running for Council. If she does, I am considering Ward 6 where I grew up. Ironically I may get more votes up there.

“I’m not sure if she (Meed Ward) is running, not sure why she is laying in the weeds.”

Another fresh young face.

Leah Reynolds the Wards 1 and 2 school board trustee has been seen as the Marianne Meed Ward favourite and was being groomed to grow into the council seat when Meed Ward announced she was going to run for Mayor.  The two of them attended the Mayor’s State of the City address together.

Lisa Kearns, one of the ECoB team is seen as a possible candidate for the seat.

The development community might look for a candidate that would represent their interests.

It will be difficult to find someone from the development community who would be comfortable on a council with Meed Ward as Mayor.  Mike Wallace would be a different matter.


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4 comments to Ward 2 resident Michael Jones announces he will run for the ward seat on city council.

  • Eve

    Flip flop or a coin toss will assist Mr Jones in picking a ward . Commit yourself ,not the easy win

  • George

    Good luck Mr Jones.
    Your competition Ms Leah Reynolds as a HDSD Trustee acted in what might be considered a very treacherous manner to argue against a fellow trustee who was trying to save Robert Bateman high school. If I remember Ms Reynolds stated she was against closing any Burlington high schools then she voted to close both Lester B Pearson HS and Robert Bateman HS.
    I do not see the citizens of Burlington easily forgiving this lady.

  • Stephen White

    Great news regarding Mr. Jones. It sure would be nice to have some fresh blood and new ideas on this Council.

  • Mr.Bean

    Mr. Jones would be a welcome change for way up here in forgotten ward 6.