Ward 3 candidate regrets the fund raising error - raffle proceeds have been returned.

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September 12th, 2018



Rory Nisan, a candidate for the ward 3 seat released a statement Tuesday evening saying he “was made aware by the City of Burlington on Monday afternoon that there could be an issue with the raffle held at a community barbecue” he hosted on Sunday, September 9.

Rory Nisan

Ward 3 candidate Rory Nisan

Nisan also said: “It quickly became clear to me that I had made a mistake by holding a raffle without a permit.

“I regret this error.

“I have reached out to the City to find out how best to rectify the situation. I have also voluntarily cancelled the raffle and have already returned almost all contributions and am in the process of contacting the raffle participants to provide refunds.


Table offering raffle tickets which are not permitted as a fund raiser

“As far as corporate donations are concerned, the 2018 Candidates Guide for Ontario Municipal Council and School Board Elections states on p. 23 that vendors may make personal contributions of goods and services.

“Also, returning an ineligible contribution is the correct response (p.20-21) should one be received. After discussing with the city and the province, I am convinced that there is no corporate donation being made to my campaign.

“I look forward to resolving the issue of the permit by-law soon.”

Nisan sees the error as minor and that the matter is now closed.

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4 comments to Ward 3 candidate regrets the fund raising error – raffle proceeds have been returned.

  • Charisse Henning

    We already have enough issues with questionable politicians do we need to add another to the ranks. I certainly agree with Alysha on this one!

  • Alysha Bayes

    I think perhaps Mr. Nisan needs to review the definition for “corporate donation.” Having seen his social media posts whereby a yoga studio and restaurant were thanked for making a donation to his community BBQ, which was to support his campaign, there is no other way to define those donations other than ones made by corporations. One wonders what he promised them for those donations. Further, he has failed to address the inducement for attendees to take a lawn sign. It may not be illegal but it is certainly highly unethical to offer a reward for taking a lawn sign. I am not in Ward 3 but I can see identify an unethical campaign when I see one.

    • Kevin Visser

      Hi Alysha – the next day he picked up all the signs that were distributed to those who entered a draw when they took them, and he picked up the prizes that were drawn as well. There were not too many signs involved, and I believe that most have asked to have the signs back.

      • Alysha Bayes

        Hm he didn’t say that in the article. He flatly denied he received anything that qualified as a corporate donation. “I am convinced that there is no corporate donation being made to my campaign.”

        So you are telling readers that he did in fact accept corporate donations, which is a clear violation of the rule