Ward 3 debate turn out the largest audience so far - every candidate showed up.

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September 28th, 2018



It was the smoothest ECoB debate so far.

It had the largest turn out so far and for once the incumbent was in the room – even though he wasn’t running for re-election.

All candidates at table

The ward 3 candidates!

A link to the ward 3 debate is HERE.

Ward 3 had five candidates on the stage – Peter Rusin, Gareth Williams, Lisa Cooper, Darcy Hutzel and Rory Nisan.

Mark and Penny

Moderator Mark Carr with Penny Hersh whose energy, perseverance and refusal to give up made the seven debates possible.

The event brought to the public candidates they knew very little about – there were some impressive performances.

The moderator mixed things up a little as well.

For the first time questions were put to a single candidate with responses from another candidate permitted.

The questions put to the candidates came from two sources: those sent in by email and those written out by people in the audience.

Several people attending brought questions typed out which they handed in

The questions from the audience were sorted into groups of similar contents – the question actually asked was chosen from a blind draw.

All the debate audiences so far have been exceptionally well behaved; what little disruption there was came from people representing candidates (the incumbents) who chose not to show up personally for a variety of reasons.

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