Ward 3 residents in for a bit of a treat.

By Staff

August 25th, 2021



Some nice news!

Expect to see Ward 3 Councillor Rory Nisan on hand with the new addition to his family.

Summer time – opportunities to get out and mix with people – wearings masks and keeping that social distance in mind at all times.


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2 comments to Ward 3 residents in for a bit of a treat.

  • Our sentiments exactly Penny particularly at this time. We would not allow grandchildren in our care to participate in free ice creams at this time……… Volunteers, staff, the city and the Halton Health Board (Nisan is a member) and MOH need to be aware:

    Ontario reports 660 new COVID-19 cases, 1 death
    Of the new cases reported, 398 were unvaccinated people, 74 were partially vaccinated people, 135 were fully vaccinated people and for 53 people the vaccination status was unknown.

    The above figures show unless we start doing rapid testing of double vaccinated people in work places,health care settings and recreation programs, double vaccinated are at risk of becoming super-spreaders. Vaccination for the most part leaves those who contract Covid asymptomatic and, therefore, they have no idea that they have COVID and are spreading it to the unvaccinated and judging by the figures, the vaccinated too.

    Last month Carnival Cruises with a completely double vaccinated crew and passenger list wanted permission to dock in Belize. Belize agreed only if they tested everyone aboard. There were 26 positive cases, (one passenger and 25 crew so obviously a work place not vacationers outbreak that nobody knew was occurring). All positives were immediately isolated and were not allowed to leave the ship in Belize.

    If Belize had not insisted on this testing how many asymptomatic positive cases would have been onboard the cruise ship when it returned to homeland (probably US with passengers flying back all over the world and probably the majority driving or flying into Canada as returning vacationers) and how many Belize residents would have contracted Covid from asymptomatic people with COVID.

    We agree double vaccination is the correct thing to ask for in the workplace and healthcare settings, but don`t only test those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons. Rapid testing that Ontarians were promised would be a game changer long before we got vaccination is clearly the biggest game changer.

  • Penny Hersh

    How many people are allowed to be in this space at one time? Will Councillor Nissan be monitoring the situation.

    Covid 19 cases are increasing dramatically. Is this the best time to be having this kind of opening? Young children under the age of 12 are not vaccinated and the cases among this group is growing steadily.