Ward 5 Councillor makes it official- he is now a Tory, in a town that is in the process of becoming solidly Liberal.

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February 10, 2015


If there was any doubt before – there is non now.

Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman is now an Ontario Tory. He sent the following out to what we presume is the Burlington Progressive Conservative membership list.

Dear members and supporters of the Ontario PC Party.


Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman – now a member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

Please forgive this intrusion on a Saturday afternoon. I wish to introduce myself on the eve of Christine Elliott’s special Membership Drive Reception in Burlington tomorrow, Sunday. I plan to attend the meeting and I have been asked to encourage others to join us.
Some of you already know me as a member of Council for our fine City of Burlington. I have joined the Ontario PC Party. My intention is to work with members of our community to rebuild the party with the goal of a PC majority government in the next Ontario election.
I acknowledge being a new comer to the PC party and in that regard have a lot to learn. With that said, I offer energy, commitment and passion to my personal goal, which is to make a contribution to the renewal of Ontario for the long term good of our citizens.
I look forward to meeting you between 2:30 and 4:30, Sunday February 8th at Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 60, 828 Legion Rd
Hope to meet you tomorrow!

Paul Sharman

Sharman is reported to be preparing to run against Liberal MPP Eleanor McMahon in the next provincial election.

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25 comments to Ward 5 Councillor makes it official- he is now a Tory, in a town that is in the process of becoming solidly Liberal.

  • Lucy

    I am returning to this ‘older’ article because today I read that Bill Blair, Chief of Police for Toronto may possibly be a Liberal candidate in the next federal election. However, here’s the point that ties that to this article about Mr. Sharman. Blair’s term as chief ends in April, and he is chief until that time. No announcement of what he will do will be made until after his term ends. That is most likely what annoyed many readers here: Mr. Sharman announces his interest to run as an MP after only 4 months from the start of his 4 year term on Council. It makes us feel he ‘might’ have his mind elsewhere rather than focussing on his role as our Ward 5 representative as some have expressed in their comments. Why didn’t he wait until later to make such an announcement and not offend the people in Ward 5?

  • Catherine

    What do you expect from a person who first ran for Council in order to remove the bus route from this street… and it happened to the inconvenience of so many others – seems to me his own personal interests have always been put first! One has to wonder why he got elected the first time!

  • Lucy

    James, please give me examples of how Mr. Sharman as our representative has benefitted Ward 5 specifically during his last term of office. Maybe, I missed something significant and am misjudging. I am trying to be open minded about this.

    • James

      Lucy, if you’re looking for specific examples of major positive changes that Mr. Sharman implemented in Ward 5 during his first term, I can’t give you any. Similarly, I can’t give you any examples of major positive changes that any other Councillor has implemented in their Wards over that same time period either. The fact is that Burlington is a stagnant city at present, with the population’s appetite for change of any kind being at an all-time low. Status quo is the name of the game and every Council Member in this city knows it, so they walk that fine line. Ward 5 hasn’t fallen into the depths of Hell under Mr. Sharman’s representation, and for most residents that’s good enough. Was it any different when Rick Goldring was Councillor? No. Do most residents really notice any difference, regardless who their Councillor is? No. Status quo successfully achieved. In fact Rick Goldring’s ability to maintain status quo was so strong that it got him elected Mayor. Twice. I can say that Mr. Sharman’s business and accounting background has been a strong asset to Burlington as a whole. He is a highly skilled number cruncher, and while that may not seem exciting, or show up in the local paper as being newsworthy, he brings far more to the table than people realize, your personal opinion of the man aside.

      • Lucy

        Thanks James. You have possibly given the most accurate fair assessment here with this comment. Your remarks have made me realize that I have probably been too harsh with my words. I suppose status quo will have to do for another four years.

  • James

    I don’t understand the fuss over this, Mr. Sharman is doing a fine job. So what if he’s stated his intention to make a go at Provincial politics in a few years? Politicians do that all the time, that’s the game they’re in! Unlike most of us, their jobs do have an expiration date, so it only makes sense that they’d be planning for their futures beyond Municipal politics. Besides, that’s still a few years away, and in the meantime he has a job to do as Councillor of Ward 5. What makes you think he’s going to let his duties slip, or allow his decisions and positions to be altered when it’s US who will be voting for him (or not) if he does take the leap? He’s not going to abandon those who he’ll be seeking support from in just a few years time.

    • Roger

      Mr. Sharman did a credible job in his 1st term and show great promise as he was re-elected for his 2nd term.

      After his 2nd term is completed – he is free to leave however we should not be allowed to campaign for the job of MPP while serving the city and his ward.

      What if a provincial election is called before the council term ends? If he wants to be a MPP – okay but he should finish out his term as ward coucillor – if he cant then he should resign now to allow the ward and city to figure it our while Mr. Sharman moves to greener pastures

      • James

        Unless there are two different Rogers here, in one post you question the man’s integrity, and then here you’re admitting he’s done a credible job, and shows great promise. Which is it?

        You and others seem to take issue with Mr. Sharman campaigning for the job of MPP, yet there is no upcoming election, nothing even on the horizon that I’m aware of, and therefore there is no campaigning going on. So he joined a political party. Big deal. He’s a politician. That’s what they do. This is hardly even newsworthy.

  • Peter Rusin

    People should respect Mr. Sharman for being honest and fully transparent; a sign of strong leadership.

    Also, Ward 5 seems to be humming along just fine, and a lot smoother than Ward 2.

    • Roger

      Try living in Ward 5 – we were the worst hit with the flooding – no library – little in the way of city facilities and the councilor floating the idea of demolishing the Skyway arena. Name me 4 things the councilor has delivered for Ward 5 – lets not talk about no action for Sherwood Forest Park in 5 years – please see this flip flop on the proposed condos at Appleby Village – see the elimination of transit in Ward 5 – personally I am paying more and getting less while other wards have dedicated councilors fighting for their wards – I have a councilor mailing it in while he looks for anther job – leader or oportunist

  • Lucy

    John Amor stated above: “Mr. Sharman, please show some integrity and resign your Municipal office well before trying to springboard into Provincial politics.”

    Yes, John I strongly agree with your suggestion, but I doubt that will be the case. When or when is Ward 5 going to get a representative on council that really cares about the people of this ward?

  • Lucy

    Oh Please Chris. He will be so busy working on a career in provincial politics, that we in Burlington…Ward 5 in particular, will not be the greatest focus of his attention in the next 4 years. We have a right to be disturbed about this. He shouldn’t have bothered running in the last municipal election. His political goal is to move up the ladder. In the meantime, Ward 5 has a representative on council who has his primary interest elsewhere.

  • Chris Ariens

    As long as it’s Paul influencing the party, instead of the party influencing Paul, I’m OK with it. So he’s looking to make a career move 4 years down the road. Who isn’t?

    I would however be really dismayed to see him start to tow the party line. He’s never struck me as someone who would subject themselves to partisan dogma and stop listening to evidence and logic.

  • John Amor

    I supported Mr. Sharman in his first run for Ward 5 because I believed in his integrity. I came to regret it. Having voted a straight Conservative ticket at all levels for more than 50 years, (though at times having to hold my nose while doing so), it seems I may finally have to vote against them if this manipulating opportunist actually does run as a Conservative MPP.

    Mr. Sharman, please show some integrity and resign your Municipal office well before trying to springboard into Provincial politics.

  • Peter Rusin

    Paul Sharman is a gentleman, and an asset to this city. He appears to be very committed and possesses more intelligence and competence than some other political reps. Paul is good for the people.

    • Lucy

      A lot of people look good on the outside…these are people who are phonies…they can put on a good act…tell you one thing and do another…they are great manipulators. That’s exactly the kind of gentleman Paul Sharman is. Intelligent? Competent? Sure when it comes to your own personal business interests Peter, Paul Sharman is a good buddy of yours. You and Paul couldn’t care less about the average citizen of Burlington. We are the little guys that you couldn’t care less about.

  • Roger

    Shame on Paul Sharman – less then 45 days into his 2nd term as Ward 5 councillor – announces his intentions to seem to represent Burlington in the next provincial election.

    I challenge the councillor authenticity – who does he really want to represent – will his integrity allow him to fully resign his council seat before the next provincial election or as Mike Wallace – simply take a leave and if he loses – he gets to keep 2nd place – Ward 5 councillor along with his pay and benefits of a regional and city councillor.

    For once – Ward 5 deserves a councillor that wants to represent Ward 5 – Rick Goldring wanted be mayor – 1 term – Mike Wallace – failed once then was elected MP – now Paul Sharman

    If the councillor want to be a MPP – thinking this is 2nd place yet again as the MP job is locked up for a while.

    The councillor moved from Oakville – tried for mayor – then ran in ward 5 – participate in Shape Burlington and promptly forgot about it when he was elected – was elected – did a very credible job – elected for a 2nd term with great promise then promply announces that he now wants to be a MPP.

    I would suspect the next 4 years will be more of build a resume to be a MPP rather then focusing on the people in the ward that elected him.

    I checked out http://www.paulsharman.ca – no comment that thanks for electing me as your councillor – a job that I want along as I cannt be a MPP.

  • henri de beaujolais

    Eleanor is a person of impeccable character. She has an amazing skill in building bridges. Extraordinary communicator. Fast thinker on her feet. Tenacious. Strategic. She has accomplished much for many people even before she became an MPP. She has many backers who strongly believe in her.

    If someone can come close to her in the next election, I would be shocked.

    Demographics in Burlington are against the PCs and for the Liberals. (Sorry NDPers and Greens) The wind has changed and will continue to change in favour of the Liberals.

    With respect to Mr. Sharman, he should focus on his Council role.

  • Jack Fernihough

    In a town that is becoming solidly Liberal???? Really?????? This is going over the top Propaganda style, manipulative and totally crud. I guess the comments on the “poll” are being ignored.
    If this “Gazette” is to be totally a Liberal Party mouthpiece, its time is passing the best before or after date.
    The Editor will need to make a statement soon. Where is this thing going?

  • tenni

    I wish that the political parties would stay out of municipal government.

    I wish that those elected to city council would keep their party political partisanship out of city hall. I don’t care if you are joining a PC party, Liberal Party NDP or green party…even the Flying Carpet party..keep it to yourself. It should be a conflict of interest issue for an elected municipal councillor to use their municipal office, title whatever to jump into provincial or federal government.

    Resign from municipal government if you plan on running for the Conservatives long long before the election. This man has shown his cards. All of his votes need to be watched more carefully now.

  • Lucy

    The best part will be if he has to step down as Ward 5 Councillor to run in the next provincial election and he never represents this ward again. He is one of the least effective representatives we have ever had in this ward. I didn’t vote for him to represent my ward and he will not get my vote no matter what he runs for in any political arena. His greatest concern is his own self-interests, not the well being and interests of the people he represents.

    • Roger

      Well said and I could not agree more

    • Melanie

      I agree completely.He does not seem to care what any Ward 5 citizens think,has done nothing productive to solve any of the areas problems and is curt and unapproachable when speaking.He was helpful during the flooding situation and I think that is what got him re-elected.