Ward 6 candidate's car is vandalized.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 18th, 2018



It isn’t supposed to be like this.

Ken White provided 3a

Ken White

Ken White, a candidate for the ward 6 city council seat, was out picking up a take out meal at the Indian Palace. He parked his cat in the layby near Thomas Alton and Tim Dobbie.

Walked into the Indian Place for the takeout and returned to find his car had been vandalized. Thee damage wasn’t serious. He will be able to wipe it off with a light solvent.

White car vandalized in ward 6

The vandalized car – belonged to Ken White, a ward 6 candidate.

Why is this kind of thing happening now in Burlington?

Has the city lost that sheen of civility we need to get along with each other?

White said on his Facebook page: If you support me thank-you but please do not call Candidates names, generally disparage them or graffiti someone’s property.

Normally I’d think it was kids but sickeningly I’m certain it’s an adult.

I’m leaving this on my car as a reminder to canvass even harder so the Weirdo’s we live among have absolutely no impact on this election.

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3 comments to Ward 6 candidate’s car is vandalized.

  • Hans

    It should not have happened and I’m glad the damage was superficial. I hope the culprit is caught.

  • Allan S

    Paul Sharman’s car was also deliberately targeted but with acid!

  • Cheryl

    This is appalling What is happening To the city we call home. This election has become awfully ugly and people’s true colours are showing. Enough already let’s all play fair in the playground and let the democratic process unfold this is shameful. People need to grow up

    Ken stay strong you are clearly getting under skin way to go