Was my Netflicks service at risk - nope - it was just a crafty Identity Theft attempt

IDTHEFT 100X100By Pepper Parr

November 22, 2017


They had my attention.

The moment I saw that Netflix logo on the screen I immediately went to the Netflix bookmark to see if there was a problem with my service.

Whew! There was nothing wrong with the service – the email was an attempt to steal some of my identity. All they had so far was an email address – I didn’t want them to have even that much but they picked it up somewhere – part of what we have to put up with in this digital age.

netflix logoI am really enjoying the multi-episode feature – The Fall with Gillian Anderson – she of XFiles fame.

The Identity Thieves are getting craftier – be careful – don’t let them learn anything about you. They will create a profile of you and when they reach a certain point they will begin probing and see if they can get credit card or banking information.

One of the protections you can create is to use a pre-paid credit card. It really isn’t credit but it allows you to pay people who use credit cards as their form of collecting for services they provide.

With a Prepaid credit card you control the amount on the card – you can re-load it almost instantly.

Ask you banker to set one up for you.

This is the email that sent me to my bookmarks.

Netflix scam

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