Was the drive strong enough? Were the forces behind the literally hundreds of people clicking that vote button enough?

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  March 25th, 2013  “Busy day Monday as we return to normal jobs and prepare for a trek to London for game 6 of our playoff series” was the note we got from John McNeil as he frantically continued to vote and vote and vote again to earn that award of $100,000 from Kraft Foods that would be used by the Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association (BLOMHA) to cover the cost of getting more players on the ice pads.

John McNeil was at his keyboard until the very last-minute Sunday night – squeezing in that very last vote for the Kraft Foods $100,000 award

They were minutes and then it was over – you could try to enter a vote but the system wouldn’t take it – and for those hundreds in Burlington who had been voting for two days – it was over.

During the hectic two days parents still had to get their kids out to hockey games, still had to do the shopping and keep the house in order.

Now – the wait while the Kraft Foods people do the counting – which should take just a matter of minutes because everything was electronic but it will be more than a week before they go public.

If you were at the McNeil house Saturday night you were at a keyboard – voting.

So for now those that did the work – a chance to sit back and know they did their best.  During the next few days there will be hundreds who will say ‘if they’d known they would have voted.

The Mayor was chatting up the business types at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast Friday morning and he forgot to mention the event – even though he was touting that Burlington was now the # 1 mid-size city in Canada within which to live.  We hope our Mayor at least went on-line to vote a couple of times – won’t be too long  before he’s looking for votes himself.


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