Water treatment specialists behind the leak of aluminum chloride hydroxide sulphate into Sheldon Creek. Water is now running clear.

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BURLINGTON, ON   April 5, 2012 –Ontario Ministry of the Environment staff have identified the product that polluted Sheldon Creek earlier this week as well as the company that let the pollutant into the water – guess what – it was a company that deals with produces materials for the treatment of water and wastewater.  Ouch!

Samples of the spilled material have been analyzed by the ministry laboratory and identified as aluminum chloride hydroxide sulphate, which is used in the treatment of drinking water.  The source of the spill has been identified as ControlChem Canada Ltd., located on John Lucas Drive which is where Environment ministry officials believed the spill originated from – the just didn’t know which company was the source.

Ministry officials have inspected the creek and the water is now running clear.

Scott Stewart, the big guy at city hall who knows how to get to the root of a problem commented on the way his staff handled the problem when it was first reported.  “The response from the team on site was text-book ideal,” said Stewart, general manager of community services. “Roads and parks maintenance staff were on site immediately and helped the Ministry of the Environment contain the spill in a quick and efficient manner.”

Sheldon Creek took on a milky look earlier in the week when a pollutant was found to be in the water. Water is now running clear..

The ministry is requiring the company to take measures to prevent future spills. This matter has also been referred to the ministry’s investigations and enforcement branch to determine if charges are warranted.  This is what you call a public relations disaster.

Halton Public Health has indicated the public can return to the area. As always, residents are reminded to wash hands with soap and water before eating or handling food after coming in contact with creek water or any untreated water in general.  Untreated water may contain E. coli bacteria, which is found in the intestines and feces of warm blooded animals.

On its web site ControlChem states:

Our concern for the environment is so serious, we have committed to an Environmental Management System that is certified in meeting the requirements of ISO14001.

The Environment is an important consideration when planning or arranging your facility’s water treatment program.  In a corporate situation, one should be considering Due Diligence and Sustainable Development issues as they relate to your Company, Management, Employees and other Stakeholders.

ControlChem has recognized these issues as very important for now and the future.  We have invested heavily to achieve our ISO 14001 Environmental Registrations. 

They can now invest in some legal talent to manage their conversations with the Ministry’s Enforcement branch.

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