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News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

November 18th, 2020



In a letter from Regional Director of Planning Curt Benson to Burlington’s Director of Planning, Heather MacDonald, he told her that:

OP cover NEWWith the proposed modifications to the New Official Plan described above, and identified in Attachment #1, I am of the opinion that the City of Burlington New Official Plan conforms to, or does not conflict with,the Regional Official Plan, is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement 2020, and conforms to, or does not conflict with,the applicable Provincial Plans and policies.

The letter covers a number of issues but the gist of it all is that what city council asked of the Region it is going to get.

Just another step in this city council meeting a large large part of its election mandate.

Much more to follow, There is a 360+ page document to be waded through.

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6 comments to We comply: New City Official Plan meets all the requirements in the eyes of the Region

  • Alfred

    Hi David.

    Regional approval does not necessarily mean Provincial approval or compliance with guidelines. Your a smart person. Explain if you can how the City removed semi-detached homes from the Official Plan in the Emerald and St.Lukes Low density areas. How this area differs from any other older areas in other Cities baffles me. The Planning staff had included this type of housing in the Official Plan because it belonged there and it was removed from the Official Plan at the last minute without proper notice by council. Councilors Sharman, Bentivegna and Galbraith disagreed with these last minute omissions, since they were there during the whole run of the Official Plan process. I understand that Planning staff and legal did not supportt the removal. Which raises the question as to who was right. I’ll bet on the experinced Staff and legal team every time.This would be a little hard to defend at LPAT I look forward to your review.

  • David Barker

    Well, Penny, obviously only time will tell.

    But one would anticipate/hope LPAT, being a Provincially constructed tribunal, would respect ans support the zoning, development areas, protected areas etc set out in the OP and its related documents, being that they meet or are not in conflict with Provincial policies.

    • But not if the city or region are scoffing at the laws that govern their municipal decision making process.when putting together their OP.

      • David Barker

        Not sure what you mean. Council has debated and approved the OP. It has been submitted to and reviewed by the region, and determined to meet or to be not in conflict with Provincial policies. The Region has sent it back to the City which must review the Region’s comments, and determine whether or not to accept those comments for it to become a done deal. What issue do you have with the process that has taken place over the past 2 years? Thank you.

        • We have several issues in terms of the process being open to all members of the public as they have to be, The Region UGC was changed without explanation in at least one area that we know of without notice to residents who were detrimentally affected and were denied attendance at public meeting. There is nothing in material going to Committee that we can see that shows whether it is corrected or not. The Special Council Meeti g is set right after Committee giving the public no opportunity to review what public or Commiittee members said something Meed Ward is on the Gazette record September 30 2014 as wrong which means it is not compliant with Municipal Act transparency requirements that should also be known by Clerk and City Slolicitor and is well known by Meed Ward to exist and more


  • Penny Hersh

    One question – Will it be defendable at LPAT?