We now know what the final part of the downtown section of the Elgin Promenade is going to look like

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September 1st, 2020



Our Mayor reports that: “As work continues to create an engaging and pedestrian-friendly link between Martha Street and Brant Street, building a walkable and vibrant connection between the multi-use path (Centennial Bikeway) and our downtown core, the vote is in for the concept that will be used between Martha and Pearl Street.

“Our community took the time to vote and make their voices heard between July 27 and August 17 – and Concept 2 was the winner!

Construction on this section is slated to begin in the Spring of 2021.

There was no mention on how the vote worked – not any mention as to just how many people actually took part in the vote.

No mention either as to what the cost will be.

We can tell you that when completed the Promenade will allow a person to walk or cycle from the Oakville border to the border with Hamilton.  And lots to see along the way.

Elgin promenade final stretch

How many people voted for this and what is it going to cost ?

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