We was hacked - fixed - we think

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

June 12, 2019



Someone did us a dirty.


Someone paid someone like this to hack into our web site.

They hacked into the Burlington Gazette web site.

Faithful users who have us book marked had no problems – they got directly to the news we deliver.

Those who used a search engine to find us got a bit of a surprise. The hacker put in some re-direct commands and sent the user of to a site that sells pharmaceutical products.

We won’t go into any detail on the product offering

The re-direct is being erased, the software is being upgraded and a thicker fire wall is being installed.

A fascinating business.

Took a little sleuthing to determine where the problem existed and then to get a grip on the scope and scale.

The down side of course is that these repairs are on the expensive side and they get priced in US$.

For those of you who were inconvenienced – our apologies.

It looks as if the hack has been fixed.  Using the url:  www.burlingtongazette.ca will get you to us.

For the dude that did the dastardly deed – get a real job.  We are wondering just who it was that wanted us off the air.  Any suggestions?

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