We were hearing a different story about snow this time last year.

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December 29, 2014



Do you remember this time last year?

It was snow, on snow, on snow with dozens of senior staff members out in the field on Christmas Day.

ICE STORM Millar road closed

Millar Road was blocked solid – for several days


That was a live wire when it came down.


This tree actually survived – picture could go on a post card


Hydro crews worked around the clock and late into the night to get power lines back up. In several places new cable had to be strung.

Burlington Hydro CEO Gerry Smallegange and NAME

Burlington Hydro CEO Gerry Smallegange explaining to a community meting in Kilbride that work was progressing but it was just going to take time.

A little photo feature to remind you what it was like.

Maybe the August 4th flood is Burlington’s bad weather for the year?

Burlington asked the province for some financial relief due to the storm – the claim was for $1.8 million – we haven’t seen that money yet.

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1 comment to We were hearing a different story about snow this time last year.

  • “There’s a sense of paranoia among residents in areas south of the QEW in Burlington. They’re looking for anything from us,” Burlington Councillor Paul Sharman said.”—Dec 19, 2014***


    Received from Region by mail last week;

    From Regional Chairman Carr clarifying “PREPAREDNESS”—EMERGENCY contact number list

    a)Halton Region’s Emergency Preparedness: Your Personal Guide, and

    b)Guide for Flooding Prevention and Recovery

    Please read the “TIMELINE ITERATION” from the Inside Halton news story.

    Very Troubling: “Specific projects are expected to be revealed in late January or early February with construction projects underway in the spring.”

    With the exception of flood control construction work, I think the generator installation should proceed immediately.

    I have been working with Burlington Hydro personnel since November 12 on a tree-trimming and home generator project. HYDRO’S EFFORT proceeded with CLOCKWORK PRECISION, in close tandem with our contractor. We’re now at a point if anything should happen, we’ll be ready.