Well, this was a tough one to write.

By Stephanie

October 27th, 2021



Friends, I have cherished every moment of serving you, our maker community and craft lovers. As some of you may know, my husband, toddler and I came to Canada nine years ago and we intended to stay, well—forever. But, bittersweet as it is, we’ll be moving back to the States next month, with an extra Canadian kid and a whole lot of memories, to follow a new calling.

Mind if I wax poetic for a sec? Burlington MADE started as a little dream, by a little Etsy maker, who thought there could be an experience SO much better than rummaging through an anonymous, thrown-together gymnasium craft show. Four years later, we’ve had shoppers and visiting artists from all over southern Ontario, worked with hundreds of inspiring makers, and won 22 (oh my goodness!) awards thanks to incredible supporters like you.

Let’s keep this torch going.

Not just because of all the work that got Burlington MADE off the ground, but because the mission matters and it’s so much bigger than any one person. I believe that Burlington is a better place for connecting with makers and celebrating the best in craft. And as COVID restrictions are being lifted, there is SO much potential for growth and rebirth.

Once the idea caught on there were always crowds.

I will be selling the business because it is WORTH IT, but the dollar amount doesn’t matter as much to me as finding the right person. If you have a passion for creativity, a love of entertaining, and a knack for keeping a thousand ducks in a row, let’s talk.

Shoot me an email by Monday and tell me why you’d be perfect for the job. If you seem like the right fit, I’ll reach out to set up a Zoom.

Thanks for listening.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for jumping in and embracing our mission to spread appreciation for fine craftsmanship and more mindful shopping.

GET IN TOUCH  Shoot me an email by Monday at Stephanie @ burlingtonmade.com and tell me why you’d be perfect for the job. If you seem like the right fit, I’ll reach out to set up a Zoom.




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