West Haven residents now have a quarry site plan document - they want it peer reviewed and would like the Mayor to begin supporting them.

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December 21st, 2017



Meridian yard gates

Entrance to the Meridian Brick works plant in Aldershot.

The Meridian Brick people released three of the many studies that were “in the works” earlier this week. They relate to the plans the company has to begin quarrying for shale in the third “cell” of the property east of King Road north of the North Service Road.

The eastern “cell” is literally yards away from the about 60 homes on West Haven.  The residents of the community formed a not for profit corporation to battle the brick company. The Tyandaga Environmental Coalition (TEC) has hired an environmental lawyer – the same one that took on the Nelson quarry south of Lowville and managed to have their request to expand that quarry turned down.

Graphic of TEC quarryOne  study, the site plan update, is of particular concern given the threat that hangs over the West Haven residents who fear that the brick company is going to go in and begin clear cutting trees on the property yards away from their homes.

The has stated on numerous occasions the importance of having the studies and the site plan peer reviewed by independent consultants, a process that will take some time.”

They fear that Meridian’s plan to commence the clear cutting of the East Quarry land in January / February 2018 will take place without a full peer review of the presented studies.

They are also wait to hear from Mayor Goldring on how he and City council will support the residents in their request:

1. That Burlington endorse TEC’s proposed MZO (Ministerial Zoning Order) and Request for Review to allow for the permanent protection of the site, or at the very least the required three-year salamander survey work;

2. That Burlington and the Halton Medical Officer of Health seek peer reviews of all Meridian’s technical
studies, to be paid for by Meridian; and

3. That Burlington commission immediately a Stakeholder Design Charette exercise to explore sustainable rehabilitation and development solutions across the entire Aldershot Quarry site.

Excavation equipment 2

Equipment tat will mine the quarry – the maps show how close this will be to the homes on West Haven.

In its media release TEC said: “It’s troubling that 9,000+ trees could come down at any moment. What a disaster for our community. What a disaster for the City and contrary to the “green Initiatives” that they are propagating.”

This situation, now at a critical stage, has been brought to the attention of our City, Regional, Provincial and Federal governments over the past two years. We continue to expect them to work with us to find a way forward immediately, that would benefit all while protecting the environment and all those who live, work, learn and play in this community.

There is a bit of an upside to the pressure TEC is putting on the politicians – the Mayor is reported to have said that the community meeting Meridian put on in November was a pretty poor effort – up until very recently the Mayor has said that the quarry was not a municipal matter.

TEC stop quarry expansion Jul17In a December 4th letter to the Mayor TEC asked for “… a meeting with you on this urgent matter as soon as possible, given that Meridian has stated at their recent meeting they will begin clearcutting in January 2018.

“We look forward to hearing from you.”

Which will arrive first, the telephone call from the Mayor agreeing to meet or the sound of the chain saws cutting down trees?

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3 comments to West Haven residents now have a quarry site plan document – they want it peer reviewed and would like the Mayor to begin supporting them.

  • Lynn

    So the Mayor changed his tune… maybe… only after he threw his hat in the mayor race (6 months before the Election Act allowed him to). And their Ward Councilor Craven is still not supporting them. Hopefully the Ministry also has similar motivations due to their upcoming election and they can act now.

  • Glenda D

    Ditto Sally…what a shame….either City should never have approved the housing development so close to what they would have known was owned by a quarry or for the environment sake have the power and guts to stop the expansion.

  • Sally Hewitt

    This is just heartbreaking
    9000 trees bulldozed…. a tragedy !
    How many species will lose their homes in the middle of winter and ultimately their lives!
    This is wrong on so many levels and I pray this will be stopped.