What are the safest cars for new drivers and how do they manage to pay for them?

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August 30th, 2017



There are many different features to look for when buying a car, but one of the most important aspects to consider is the safety of the vehicle. This is something that is particularly relevant for new drivers. Whether you are a new driver yourself or a parent looking to ensure your child has a safe and secure vehicle to begin their driving experience, it is vital that you find an affordable and functional vehicle that meets the needs of a young driver.

The cost of buying a car will have an impact on the buying decision, but the cost of owning and running the car should also be considered. A young driver may not have as much disposable income as they would like, and this can make running a car a difficult task at times. This is why having an economical car that offers a good return on fuel consumption is important for many drivers. You also want to find a car that has a good reputation for reliability because repairs and servicing can be very expensive.

Car - on the open road

A car opens up the world to young people.

Like many areas, Burlington has a good volume of people obtaining their driving license on an annual basis.

There is a sense of freedom and adventure that comes with being able to drive, and getting a car is a major goal for many young people in the local area. While different people have their own preferences and tastes, new drivers will benefit from opting for a reliable, economical and dependable car.

Compact sedans have a lot to offer new drivers.
This means that compact sedans, which are hugely popular in Canada, may be the ideal choice for the young driver in Burlington. These cars have several features that make them popular with young drivers and their parents. There are many safety features in these vehicles, they are fuel-efficient and they have front-wheel drive.

There is also the opportunity to choose from a range of trim levels, which means there is scope for an element of individuality if required.

Some of the most popular cars in this field include the Mazda S3, Hyundai Accent, Ford Fusion and Mitsubishi Mirage. These are affordable options that provide safety and functional features, all of which should help a new driver to develop their confidence while driving.

Given the financial implications of buying a first car and the added level of responsibility, it is no surprise to learn that many parents take a hands-on approach when their youngsters buy their first car. Knowing that a vehicle can offer freedom, improved job or educational prospects, and a good chance to develop as a person means that many parents will be keen to assist their child in buying a car and keeping it running.

Consider all of your finance options when buying a new car

Car buying

The buying decision.

It is important to consider the best options that are available when looking to buy a car. The cost of a dependable vehicle might be beyond many people’s ability to cover up front, which is why finding the best standard of financing is a big part of the process. People’s credit scores and history can play a big role in finding suitable finance, and this is why many parents decide to be an active participant in the car buying process. With this in mind, many parents are looking to obtain a car loan without a credit check as a means of helping their child get behind the wheel of their own vehicle.

Owning a car is a huge responsibility at any age, and it can be a daunting challenge for many youngsters. A lot of parents are happy to help out financially if their child shows that they are mature enough to own the vehicle. Whether a parent wishes to place stipulations on the use of the vehicle is up to them, but there is no denying that car ownership, even if it’s part-ownership with the parent, can be a very good life lesson for youngsters.


You own it.

There are many things to consider when buying a car for a new driver, but safety features must be given significant consideration. A safe and affordable car will give a new driver assurance, which should hopefully help them to develop confidence in their own driving skills. Most parents are keen to help their children enjoy the freedom and increased opportunities that come with owning a car, and a safe and dependable vehicle is likely to be the best option for all of the family!



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