What climate change means to each of us - not a pretty picture.

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December 9th, 2017



The argument over whether climate change is real is pretty well decided; – the down side and the results we are going to experience are not pretty.

CBC television ran a minute and 20 second news clip that is hard to watch.  Here’s the link.

It is part of the price we are paying for the way we have treated this planet.

According to recent research by biologist Nick Lunn, polar bear populations in northern Manitoba are down by a third since the 1980s. They’re also spending, on average, 30 days longer per year on land.

“That is cause for concern, but it’s also a warning bell,” he told CBC News last month.

He believes that polar bears could disappear from that area in 20 to 40 years unless the planet cools.

Polar bears rely on sea ice to access their main food sources: seal and walrus. In many parts of the Arctic, where the SeaLegacy team filmed for several weeks, the mammals are thriving.

But in this part of the Arctic, winters are shrinking, causing sea ice to melt before the bears can gather enough food to last them through hibernation.

SeaLegacy co-founder Cristina Mittermeier said she “hopes that this video will spark a broader conversation around conservation efforts.”

The video was captured by SeaLegacy filmmakers on Somerset Island, near Baffin Island in Nunavut.

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2 comments to What climate change means to each of us – not a pretty picture.

  • No, I have not already said that since I am just viewing this video right now. But perhaps someone else did. I have often commented on other issues, so perhaps that is what you are reading.

  • This is a heart-breaking video. But I am wondering- is the polo bear sick? old? Could he not still swim for fish and thrive that way. Why it necessary for the ice and snow to be there? I am probably asking stupid questions but I’d truly like to know. Further info on this situation with one of the most beautiful animals in the world is really necessary.