What did you do on Earth Day? Edge Imaging took care of part of the planet.

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May 2nd, 2019



Climate change and how we are going to change the way we behave as inhabitants of this earth has become the issue for many companies that want to position themselves as socially responsible.

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The Order Processing Team at Edge

For Edge Imaging, the Canadian school photography company, located in Burlington taking care of this planet is something they have been doing for nine years.

They use Earth Day as the occasion when every gets outdoors and picks up trash in the vast green space around its Burlington office. The company has created a tradition around involving its executives and employees in keeping the Earth clean, and it celebrated Monday for the ninth year in a row.

Edge full team

It was “All hands on deck at Edge Imaging on Earth Day.

“Being eco champions isn’t just something Edge talks about. We take it seriously and we know it’s on us to keep our space green and healthy,” says Edge Imaging CEO, Dan Boudreau. “This is why environmental sustainability is a main pillar in our corporate social responsibility platform. It’s good for the planet and our team gets to have some fun.”

Edge has a strong eco-oriented culture, and ensures that its actions line up with its values. All photos are printed on recycled photo paper, using a printer with a 100% carbon-neutral manufacturing process. In 2015, they were inducted into the Burlington Hydro Conservation Hall of Fame for retrofitting their head office and photo lab with sustainable light sources.

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1 comment to What did you do on Earth Day? Edge Imaging took care of part of the planet.

  • It’s so good to see a leading company being responsible for the living, breathing planet we live on. Keep leading the way!