What is the first clue that the email shown below is an attempt to steal your identity?

By Staff


January 14, 2014

Identity theft is a BIG business, and a rather successful one for some people as well.  This message came floating in earlier today.  What are the clues?

Well, first the receiver of the email is not an Apple product user, second look at the email address it was sent from and then note the date at the bottom of the email.

Look at the language – there is no way Apple is going to let a message that poorly crafted get sent out.

If you use Apple products you might have thought this was a legitimate message. It isn’t – phony as a three dollar bill.

The full message reads:

This is an automatic message by the system to let you know that you
have to confirm your Apple ID account information within 48 hours.
Your account has been frozen temporarily if order to protect it.

The account will continue to be frozen until it is approved And Validate
you account information. Once you have updated your account records
, your information will be confirmed and your account will start
to work as normal once again.

This will help protect you in the future. The process does not take more than 5 minutes.

To proceed to confirm your account information Click here

Copyright © 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

If you click there you are in the process of telling thieves, probably in Nigeria,  more about you than they should know.

If the message doesn’t make sense to you – delete it.


Identity theft is a BIG business – the purpose of which is to steal your money.

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