Which constituency do you live in

By Staff

September 6th, 2021



Burlington has three people representing them in the House of Commons.

The maps below set out the boundaries for each.

The northern part of Burlington is part of the Milton constituency.


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2 comments to Which constituency do you live in

  • September 12, 2021 we sat in the Ontario Court House car park to enjoy a sandwich and coffee lunch. We heard the crash but had no idea what it was until we had finished lunch and were heading home. To our amazement a car was sat half way through a Court House window. We learnt today the lady was using the voting services we recommended on September 7th to the Gazette readers. We cannot figure out how on earth she could mount the sidewalk and crash half way throygh the window. Evidently from the article we read today she did not need hospital treatment (thank God) but wonder whether the car got off so lucky! Thisvoting service ends tomorrow! It was the easiest vote we have ever had!

  • We found voting the easiest ever this year when we went to the Court House on Plains Road. No waiting to speak of. Social distancing and masking respected. This is the way to go for easiness. Must do it by September 14, 2021. You can either put it in the ballot box there and then or mail it in. You have to write the name of the person you are voting for on a ballot slip so make sure you know the first and last name as party votes will not count.