Which is it ? Maranatha project doesn't look like what was approved at city council.

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July 15, 2015


Which is it?

The one that was approved by the city at a council meeting or the one that is on the sales sign on the property?


The initial proposal was for an eight story building – that got whittled down to seven. Many felt there was still too much massing.

When Maranatha Gardens was first proposed it was a seven story structure that some felt had too much massing.

A lot of jaw boning with the people in the planning department brought about a revision that seemed to keep most people happy. The Mayor said he believed that some of the people who were opposed to the size of the building would eventually live in it – now there’s an endorsement for you.


With even more jaw boning the project got cut down to six floors with a large open space to cut down on what many thought was a massive wall in a location that wasn’t appropriate

A community group took the matter to the OMB – but soon gave that up and for all intents and purposes the project was a go.

The lot has been cleared and there is some kind of a construction schedule.

Maranatha sign - difference

The what’s being offered for sale sign doesn’t look at all like what was approved at city council – why’s that?

And there is a sign on the property offering units for sale – it isn’t a picture of the building that was approved – it doesn’t look anything like the plan that was approved at city council – so – which one is it ?

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1 comment to Which is it ? Maranatha project doesn’t look like what was approved at city council.

  • Anna

    The pic on the sign looks like it’s showing half the building from the approved drawing (with some artistic license on the details). Seems like a non-issue to me.