Who are our readers and what do they like and not like? Your chance to tell us.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr, Publisher

February 4, 2015


Time to count the chickens and see just who the readers are and what they think.

There is a graphic on the right hand side  – Please click on it and respond to a very short survey – 7 questions.

Survey logoThe survey will be up for a month. When you respond to it from a particular computer you can’t respond a second time. We would prefer that each person respond to the survey just the once. We don’t want to skew the numbers.
We will do a report on the survey results – and yes we will tell you what you tell us. We get more positive comments than negative comments but there are people who don’t have as much as the time of day for what we do.

The Mayor used to like us but of late he has decided we are not quite his cup of tea.

For the most part we reflect the community and the community talks back to the editorial team and the other readers. At times there are some very healthy debates – and yes at times there are some pretty dumb comments made. We moderate the comments and strive to keep it lively and polite.

Let’s see what the survey tells us!

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7 comments to Who are our readers and what do they like and not like? Your chance to tell us.

  • JQ Public

    City Hall oversight appreciated. No comment section on the survey. I know you’re a small operation, but two suggestions:

    1. Better proofreading, so we get “site” rather than “sit” or “this” rather than “his”. Passes the spell-check but not the final check.

    2. No one and two letter text lines down the right side of pictures that are hard to see, hard to decipher and hard to read. Must be a way to separate text and pictures.

  • Grant

    I spend 6 months in Florida & would be lost if I couldn’t read the Burlingto Gazette. It keeps me up to date on what’s happening in Burlington. Keep up the good work.

  • Jack Fernihough

    I agree that the coverage of City Hall is the strength of the Gazette. It fills a void. It does it well.
    I get annoyed when they write upon or “create” Federal “issues” with the well-known Liberal Propaganda slant. It is not helpful. It simply comes across as a blowhard bravado and the motives are obvious. The Liberal Party echo chamber loves it, but it is of little value to the community. Zero value to journalism.
    When we can discuss and debate issues with a non-partisan perspective, value is added. When the so-called “debate” is simply to retort to the Liberal Party position on something Ray or Pepper have concocted, it is just that. A retort.
    I know what to expect if I buy Torstar papers vs the National Post. I know what to expect if I watch CBC rather than Sun News. Is this what we want the Gazette to evolve into?

  • Dee Gee

    Completed the survey, but disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to comment on the op ed-style pieces written by Ray Rivers and various candidates, including the Liberal candidate for the provincial riding. Very politically biased writing. Certainly not balanced reporting or opinions. The Gazette is more of a Liberal mouthpiece than The Star.

  • Glenda Dodd

    I agree with James….I also love the Burlington Gazette, it not only keeps us informed about what the “folks down on Brant Street” are up to but supplies coverage that is lacking in any other publication….Without the Gazette I for one would not know what is happening in this fair City.
    I also appreciate the articles about our founding families.

  • D.Duck

    Love the insight into council. Love the behind the scenes information gathering to get transparency for the public. Love the blog though I may not agree with some, as they with me, but ideas generate discussion and that type of dialogue creates healthy, informed opinions to build upon.

    The blatant Liberal propaganda and negative representation of other parties is a little bias for my taste but it is your Gazette (I did agree with Ray just recently………..so perhaps the blog is working).

    Keep working on the non-transparent issues. Hold city council responsible for their decisions and keep us informed. What’s happening on the land sale……….cost $$$$$??????????

  • James

    I love the Burlington Gazette and it’s coverage of City Hall and the issues that affect Burlington. It lets us know what those folks down on Brant Street are up to. I think that’s when this site is at its strongest, getting the information out to the public that isn’t always as readily available as it could be, or to those who don’t necessarily have the time to follow municipal politics as closely as they’d like. No need to fluff it up with other content in my opinion. The Burlington Post does a good enough job of that.

    While I don’t always agree with what’s written, nor do people always agree with what I write, I think the debate is very healthy. Having people engaged in the issues that impact our great city is never a bad thing in my books.