Who reads the Gazette; their gender, age and where they live.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

April 9th, 2018


Part 1 of a seven part series

The readership survey ran for 17 days.

There were 238 responses.

Some people did not answer all the questions.

The survey asked questions about how high buildings should be in different parts of Brant Street; it asked for views on the redevelopment of the museum that is now being transformed.

It had a question on transit and some questions on how often people read the Gazette and who those people are: their gender, age and where they live.

We also asked those who responded who their choice for Mayor might be in the October election. There were some surprises in the responses we got on that question.

Is 238 responses statistically relevant? We are not polling experts. We just asked questions and got responses from people in every ward. Did some people attempt to game the survey – we don’t think so – at least the data collected suggests that there was no sudden surge of responses for any one question – including who the responder favoured for Mayor in the forthcoming municipal election.

There is too much information to include it all in a single article. The results of the survey will be published during the week

MastheadWho are the readers?

gender 2


Readership by gender:

Male 57.87%: 136 responses

Female 42.13%: 99 responses.

Three people did not answer this question.

Age graphic




Age distribution:

20-39: 6.33% –   15 responses

40-55: 24.47% – 58 responses

56-6: 29.11% – 69 responses

66+: 40.08% – 95 responses.

One person chose not to reveal their age.





Reader interest

More sports: 4.85%  –  responders 11

More culture: 19.38%  – responders 44

More about what is happening in the city:  91.19%   responses 207

Less about city hall and the Regional government:  27.31% – 62 responders

Where do the responders to the survey live?

Readership by ward

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3 comments to Who reads the Gazette; their gender, age and where they live.

  • Susie

    Thank you Burlington Gazette, without you and your great reporting, we would all have been too late for the OP party!

  • Glenda D

    Thank you for all you do and report on….I may not have responded to the survey as I only look at my computer a few times a week and depending on how much mail, and it sometimes is more than a lot, I on those times tend to not open everything.

  • Judy

    Thank you for your hard work. Very interesting.