Why online casino revenue has increased in 2021

By John Seolink

October 4th, 2021



Online casino revenues have been growing over the last few years but they are seeing a big increase this year. This is obviously due in part to the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has kept many of us at home and limited our ability to do our usual activities – at some points in the past year, we haven’t even been able to travel outside of our communities. While it has been difficult, this time has encouraged us to find virtual substitutes or alternatives to our favorite activities, including gambling. But what other reasons can we attribute this growth to?


Everything is now on-line – which can be a plus.

In today’s world, we have access to a huge variety of entertainment options. With streaming services for films and television, e-readers and audiobooks for print media, and the endless possibilities of the internet, we have become very used to having a lot of choice. Traditional casinos, especially smaller venues, are not always able to fulfill our desire for options. Online casinos, however, are perfectly designed for our option-hungry society, offering us hundreds, if not thousands of casino games to play. To take one example, www.superseven.com gives users the choice of more than 1,000 slot machine games and dozens of live casino games. With so many options, it’s easy to see why more and more gamblers are turning to online instead of traditional casinos.

Rise in mobile gaming

The on-line gambling sites may not have the buzz of the live casino – but they are safe and you don’t have to leave the house.

As mobile gaming has become more popular, it has influenced other industries as well. Since many online casino games are very similar to mobile games, it makes sense that this increase in popularity would extend to them. The monetization of mobile games, either through the freemium model, microtransactions or subscriptions has made users more comfortable with the concept of paying real money to play a virtual game. This has helped to make playing online casino games more widely accepted.


While most casinos have fantastic security inside, casinos and the gamblers leaving them are still targets for robberies. Large-scale heists – think Ocean’s Eleven style – are very rare but they do still occasionally happen, like the 2017 armed robbery at the Emerald Resort Casino in Vanderbijlpark. More common are attacks on individuals after they have left the casino – a frightening possibility. Online casinos remove this risk since you can remain safe at home while gambling, and instant payout casinos transfer winnings directly to your bank account or debit card so there’s no worry about carrying around large quantities of cash.


There is an app for almost everything. You get to choose where you want to spend your time.

Especially during the pandemic, people have been trying to find ways to do what they enjoy without leaving the house. Concerts are being livestreamed, new movies are released on streaming services and video calls let us meet up with friends while staying home. The rising popularity of online casinos is part of this trend. Though for some people the bright flashing lights and noises of the casino are a big part of their appeal, being able to play your favorite gambling games from the comfort of home is a major draw. This convenience means more people play more often.

Live casino games

Up until recently, online casinos were mainly associated with slot machine games and similar games that were more like mobile games than actual casino games. For gamblers who enjoyed table games such as poker and blackjack, online casinos seemed like a poor substitute. Live casino games have changed that and therefore have attracted more users to online casinos. These games feature a real dealer and are streamed in real time. While regular online casino games are solitary, live casino games are more social – some even have chat functions to allow players to have conversations with the other people ‘at their table’, just like in a traditional casino.

By offering what is essentially a simulation of the table game experience, online casinos are able to increase their profits despite the added costs associated with these games. This is impressive, considering these costs include expenses like floor space for livestreaming the tables, dealer salaries and the cost of the technology that allows players to interact with the dealer and the cards on the table. Being able to carry these costs and still see an increase in revenue shows just how important table games are in attracting new users to online casinos.

Playing online casino games provides a great break from our daily lives. Their popularity is seen in their steadily increasing revenues. It will be interesting to see how online casinos develop in the coming years.

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