Will the stars shine over Nelson High park; will parents recall that there were moments that really were magic?

September 13, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  Put on a sweater, pick up the portable lawn chair and head out for Nelson Park and on the way remind the woman with you that these are going to be Magic Moments as you listen to the sounds of the bands you danced to when you were able to dance all night long.

Now this is some mighty fine steppin – wouldn’t you say?

This Magic Moment is an event that is part of the Halton Heros initiative which has set out to raise funds that can be used to support police officers who have been injured or fallen in the line of duty.

The idea came out of the minds of Walter Brown and Scott Robinson who took it along to Keith Strong who had put together the Halton Heros initiative.  But that’s all about local politics and supporting the people who protect us – the evening is about music and a good time.

This is an occasion when the parents take over the high school grounds and dance the night away.  Because this is Burlington the event will end at 10:00 pm.

Those suits – we didn’t wear suits like that – did we?

The audience will hear Pauley and the Goodfellas doing music from the 50’s and 60’s.

Robbie Lane and the Disciples will take to the stage; Robbie will do a piece or two with budding Burlington singer Charissa Pavlou.

The Drifters – they were our kind of music back then – and they’re still going strong.

The main event will be The Drifters who will do their signature song – This Magic Moment, as well as other hits from that period those of us collecting pension cheques grew up in.

Starts at 2:30 with all kinds of things to do in the afternoon and early evening.  There is a food booth and a refreshment stand.  And a place where you can dance the night away.

Perhaps hula hoops are for the younger set. Connie Smith, far right, does her best to keep the hoops closer to her hips – she did get therm there – eventually.

Connie Smith, who has by now learned how to wiggle a hula hoop around her hips, will share Master of Ceremonies with Robbie Lane as the evening works its way through the play list.

It should be a great evening.  And it is being done without a dime of public money.

Tickets have been available on-line – and will be available at the gate – $35.

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