Willing buyer can't find a willing seller - Region still making offers for Beachway homes.

By PNews 100 greenepper Parr

August 27, 2015


The don’t give up – they’ve got a cheque book that is pretty thick and they can spend; and right now the Regional Realty Services department is wanting to spend taxpayers money to acquire as much Beachway Park money as they can.

To put all this in context – there are 28 private homes in the Beachway Park that the Regional government would like to buy – and they want to do that buying on a willing seller – willing buyer basis. The problem with that is there is really only one willing buyer and not that many willing sellers – but that hasn’t stopped the Region from making offers.

An attractive.ell maintained home in the Beachway - the owner struggles to ensure that it will be xxx

An attractive, well maintained home in the Beachway – the owner struggles to ensure that it will be eventually expropriated by the Regional government who need it if they are to build an announced park.

Helene Skinner, who has been a Beachway Park resident since 2000, told the Gazette that the Region made us an offer back in the spring of $750,000. We said “NO WAY” The location, property and lovely completely renovated homes with all the upgrades is perfect for us !!

Keenan G. Lane, Manager of Realty Services for the Region, said in his letter to Ms Skinner: “On our end, all the reports we have received to date indicate Halton’s offers are certainly in keeping with the larger market.

“It is regrettable that our discussions regarding the Region’s proposed acquisition of your property ended so abruptly. Melissa and I were looking forward to a follow-up meeting with you, wherein we had planned to discuss the additional options outlined in the Burlington Beach acquisition program.

“There are several incentives we are offering all Beach owners, including a 5% purchase premium in recognition of the inconvenience related to relocation. This, together with the fact that you don’t pay commissions to Halton (market rate is 5% payable by the vendor), would mean that you are realizing a 10% premium relative to a private sale at the same number.

“We completely understand your position in this matter, but I hope that you will consider Halton if you do decide to sell your property.”

Skinner replied:

Beachway 1011 sold for $600k

This Beachway home was sold to the Region for more than $600,000 with additional incentives that included closing costs and the right to rent the house for a number of years.

“As indicated by you on behalf of Halton Region, the multifaceted park plan, if approved will start and stop and/or work around the existing homes.”

Skinner uses every opportunity she gets to quote and remind the Region that they would like to buy her property; her concern and fear is that they will expropriate.

Skinner believes it is important for the public and real estate appraisers / agents to be assured that the Beachway community is NOT obligated to sell and/or sell to Halton Region/City of Burlington and that any park enhancements will be made to include the homes as they remain. Again…NO expropriation, hence, our homes can increase in value like all other communities on the open market. The fact that the Region would love to have our property is a value add. Little supply…BIG demand!!!!

Beachway - Full park

The Regional government released the plans for an impressive park design that would require the removal of the 28private homes in the park. Most residents have no interest in moving – the park design doesn’t allow for the homes.

The Region revealed a very extensive Beachway Park re-development plan – that was impressive. One homeowner took exception to the plans and said in a public meeting that while it was a nice plan – “you seem to want to build it on my property and I don’t want you to do that.”

The Region will do what government does – the Beachway home owners will do that they have been doing for more than fifty years – hang tight and stand up for their rights.

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8 comments to Willing buyer can’t find a willing seller – Region still making offers for Beachway homes.

  • Monte

    I have been threatened with expropriation on two separate occasions and expropriated on a third occasion and as a result have gained much experience, on both sides of this issue.

    When faced with expropriation, an attempt to determine the value is that between a Willing Buyer and a Willing Seller. The major flaw in this is that there is almost never a Willing Seller. This results in a situation that makes compensation impossible, unfair and unjust to determine.

    I have been asked on numerous occasions to give talks on this topic and relate my experiences. Sometimes relating experiences helps to make sense of the experience, however in the end, the expropriation experience almost never ends up being pleasant.

    The time is long past due to have a re-examination of the Expropriation Acts in this country.


    Editor’s note: It is a pleasure to see Monte Denis commenting again – some of his comments in the past have cost him dearly, through no fault of his own. His comments can and should be seen as wise counsel.

  • Ley Spence

    Good Morning Shannon,

    What is wrong with a little debate? I like to hear other opinions so that I may enlighten them. I say “Bring it”
    You say people are afraid of a few words..afraid to reveal who they really are…..juvenile I say!! Sticks and stones!!…If you can’t handle the heat…stay out of the fire…

    Editor’s note:
    A large part of this comment has been edited out. It was offensive – please work at being civil – if someone says they find your comments offensive respect their views.

  • Helene Skinner

    Are you the same Shannon who ran for Ward 2 council in 2010? If you follow global politics you will agree that right or wrong…the need to duck and defend is not only common practice but human nature. Look closley at our own council and the recent request for them to “behave” when they return to CIty Hall’s horseshoe. All tax payers are part of the political process and we must all have thick skin and or feathers. In response to the topic…the process is Willing Seller/Willing Buyer…but the underlying issue…the most important is the “cloud”. Let me know if I have to explain or you can speak to Councillor Craven…heads down!!!!

  • Shannon Gillies

    It’s a shame that some readers may be hesitant to share their opinions on this piece (or many others posted in the Burlington Gazette) because they’re afraid of being attacked personally by those who disagree with them. Is it not possible to have an intelligent discussion about these topics, and keep the arguments to the topics?

    My only comment on this article is, isn’t this exactly how the Willing Buyer/Willing Seller arrangement was supposed to work? Attractive offers are made to property owners; some choose to sell, and some choose not to sell. No one is forced to sell. No properties are expropriated.

    *ducks head in anticipation of forthcoming vitriolic personal attack*

  • Ley Spence

    Good afternoon Mike,
    Quit sleep walking…What makes you the authority on the value or worth of our properties. If it was your family home or retirement home….don’t you think it would be priceless. Maybe we should appraise your property….. Well mine and Helene’s for sure are priceless and I am sure I can speak for a few others in the neighbourhood. Property this close to the beach???!!! PRICELESS!!!! Give our sleepy head a wake up call. GOOD NIGHT

  • Helene Skinner

    Good morning Mike,

    Yes over to me…I nearly spit out my morning coffee as I laughed out loud. You should Google your name…it is apparent that you have a lot of time on your hands as you make a point of commenting on many of Pepper Parr’s articles and apparently I am not the only one that makes you yawn or drowsy as you quoted to Albert on January 27, 2015. Maybe you should get more sleep. If this is not possible…you may want to add to your list de jour learning the new 30 words recently added to the dictionary…here is a sample: deradicalization and awesomesauce as in have an awesomesaude day!! LOL


    Thank you for your concern over my sleeping habits. I think that the best that can be said is that we agree to disagree. I believe that your statistics and assumptions are largely anecdotal extrapolations and strongly coloured by your business interest – your statistician cat notwithstanding.

    Drowsy Mike”

  • Mike Ettlewood

    Well this is all becoming somewhat boring – the Region offering far more than the properties are worth (to avoid the social stigma of “expropriation”), and Helene standing on the ramparts like some time-warped figure out of Les Miserables. So, yawn Pepper, yawn.

    Okay Helene – over to you.