Women of St. Stephen's charge $5 for a potluck and raise $1263.80 that gets turned into $3791.40

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

November 27, 2014



They are the backbone of the community.

There are all kinds of men’s clubs and organizations but they don’t have a hope when they have to go up against a church’s woman’s group.

Woman of St. Stephen's

The red Flood Relief T-shirts were evident.

The Woman’s Group at St. Stephen’s United Church seem to be just that much feistier than many this reporter has met with.

They turned over a cheque for $1,263.80 and broke into applause when Laura Pizzacalla of th3e Burlington Community Foundation told them that the money they raised would be matched by the province on a two for one basis to arrive at total of $3791.40

The women of St. Stephen held a pot luck “breakfast for dinner” that had a $5 ticket price. They apparently had no problems with getting creative about just what a “pot luck” is either. They held their first ever Silent Auction and raised $700 of their total that way.

Linda Draddy - St Stephen's

Linda Draddy runs the meetings of the Women’s Group at St. Stephens.

Linda Draddy appears to run the women’s group – not the kind of woman many people actually say no to – she has a way about her. Sitting off to one side is the groups Secretary, Nelly Ferrell; a quick glance at Nelly and you know she has been taking the minutes for quite a while.

During the fund raising drive the Burlington Community Foundation has run there have been dozens of small groups that found a way to raise funds. Some in the group had their homes flooded but they had time to help others out.

One woman asked if there was still a need for furniture. Another wanted to know how to get the application forms.
With the cheque presentation – Linda Draddy moved the group on to the next item on the agenda; approving the cost of the refreshments for a funeral reception.

Nelly Ferrell - St Stephen's secretary

Nelly Ferrell, secretary to the group. She has probably been taking the minutes for years.

They are indeed the backbone of the community. This was a small group, tucked away in a corner of ward 3 with a larger Catholic Church across the street and a school couple of hundred yards away. There were no dignitaries on hand; the ward Councillor wasn’t there to get his picture taken, the Mayor didn’t make an appearance. One of the men from the Church Council was on hand,

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3 comments to Women of St. Stephen’s charge $5 for a potluck and raise $1263.80 that gets turned into $3791.40

  • Christine Hainer

    I have been a friend of Linda’s for many many years and this accomplishment doesn’t surprize me at all. Linda has been a kind and thoughtful woman all her life. She gives 100% in all that she does and is not afraid to take charge to get a job done. Nice going ladies! congrats to everyone.

  • Bonnie Taylor

    Congratulations on a job well done! It is evident you ladies care about your community and put thought into action!

  • Linda Draddy

    Thankyou for the great write up…we are a mighty little church