Yahoo issues introductions on how to protect yourself - a little late for that.


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October 5th, 2017



Most of us read about the Ancaster resident who was arrested for being the mind behind the hack into the Yahoo site.

Karim Baratov, a dual national of Kazakhstan and Canada, was arrested at his home in Ancaster, Ont. by Toronto Police and handed over to the RCMP.

Baratov with girls

Fast cars – fast women – those days have come to an end for Karim Baratov

He hasn’t seen anything outside a jail cell since.

The size of the computer hack was massive – billions of people had personal data compromised. We will be dealing with the fallout from that hack for decades.

Probably well after Baratov get out of an American prion, assuming he is convicted.\
Governments and police forces around the world are struggling to get at least a bit of a grip on the identity thefts taking place.

Baratov is accused of being paid by two Russian spies to break into the email accounts of targeted individuals, according to an early release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

He and his lawyers put up a fight to prevent him from being extradited to the United States where he was to stand trial.

When it became evident that the extradition was going to take place the Canadian lawyers threw in the towel and off he went to California where the full force of their criminal justice system will be thrown at Baratov who is a dual national of Kazakhstan and Canada.

yahoo sign

The massive compute hack lowered the price shareholders got.

Yahoo was in the process of being sold to a large American telecommunications firm (Verizon) who ended up paying a lot less for Yahoo once the hack was made public.

Corporations that get hacked have in the recent past been slow to inform the public. That is beginning to change.

Baratov with car

Karim Baratov with one of the several cars he owned.

Yahoo recently released instructions for people who have a Yahoo email account on what to do to protect themselves.

If I had a Yahoo account I would be moving out of that site quick, quick, quick.

If you decide to stay with Yahoo – here is the link to the instructions issued.

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