You exercise caution when you cross the street - do the same thing with the email you receive

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November 30th, 2020



They never really stop trying to fool you into giving them critical information on how you bank on line.  There are thousands of people who send out email scams trying to get at your money.

Using the internet is a little like crossing a busy street – even though the light is green – you still want to look both ways.

RBC logoWe don’t bank at the Royal Bank of Canada. They are a very good, quality banking operation.
They, or rather someone wanting us to think that it was the Royal Bank reaching out to us to do something. Had we been a Royal Bank customer we might have responded.

Here is what was sent to us:

Dear (RBC Royal Bank) Client,

We are making important changes to your Royal Bank Account and Services.

We might request RBC Business & Personal Clients, to go through a verification process to maintain the integrity of our systems. Please review the Electronic Agreement attached to this email for more details.

We value your business and hope you have a great day!

For more information go to RBC Royal Bank

Best wishes,
Edward Loews
Head of RBC Online Services
Royal Bank of Canada

There was a Pdf attached to the email.  Opening that Pdf would have given them access to almost everything on our computer.

Read the email that you get carefully and if in doubt – don’t.

Like crossing the street on a green light – look left and right, the consequences if you don’t could be very painful.

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