You get a chance to put your money where your heart is going to be on August 20th.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 3rd, 2016



It will take place – right here in Burlington – a simulcast of the CBC broadcast of the last stop on the farewell tour of the Tragically Hip band; an event that is pregnant with the knowledge that Gord Downie, the band leader lives with an incurable brain cancer.

The Hip resonated with a certain demographic – they were our band and they spoke our language and we believed that like the Rolling stones they would go on forever.

Gorn Downie of the tragically hip

He is giving it everything he’s got – and then some!

But it isn’t going to work out that way. The last song that is played on the simulcast will bring tears to the eyes of many – probably most.

While the tears might be part of a life experience, what is really necessary is a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Burlington Downtown Business Association, which has been a large part of the driving force behind getting the broadcast to Burlington, where it will be put up on huge screen in Spencer Smith Park, have set up an account at the Royal Bank of Canada Branch downtown at Lakeshore and Pearl.

It is a “deposit only” account; funds collected will be equally divided between JBH Foundation (in support of the Hospital’s cancer care clinic” and The Halton chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society (focusing on education and prevention).

Gord Downie - sitting

Gord Downie – The Tragically Hip

The event is going to be bitter sweet – there will be a man on the stage suffering. The disease that is eating away at his brain is at this point in time incurable. Cancer treatment has come a long way in the past decade – basically because of the continuing ongoing research – which costs a lot of money.

You get a chance to put your money where your heart is going to be on August 20th.  Just walk into the Royal Bank and make a donation. The account and transit number is set out below. Just do it.
Account # 100-427-4
Transit # 00622

The BDBA is working quickly to establish a tool for online donations as well. The Gazette will publish those details as soon as they are available.

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